Breakevens | Round Three

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into a new round.

 C. WarnerFWD$228,70092-72
 E. GuldenMID$241,100116.3-69
 T. Highmore DEF$117,30068.5-68
 J. Impey FWD$288,00098.3-62
 S. Giro MID$170,00059-50
 L. Meek RUC$177,50064.7-47
 J. Bruce FWD$342,500104.7-43
 C. Jiath DEF$332,700102-42
 H. ChapmanDEF$148,80064-41
 A. Waterman FWD$102,40081-40
 T. WalkerFWD$406,100139.7-35
 M. Flynn RUC$227,500102.3-34
 L. McNeil MID$135,50045-30
 L. Fogarty FWD$382,600110.3-29
 S. Berry MID$169,20062-28
 J. ZiebellFWD$341,400113.3-27
 K. Pickett FWD$310,60091-24
 J. JordanMID$184,20069.7-23
 H. McKay FWD$374,800104-23
 T. BrockmanMID/FWD$143,50042.7-22
 M. FrederickFWD$175,70062-21
 P. HunterRUC$102,40039.5-19
 M. Bergman FWD$123,90044.5-16
 N. CoxDEF/FWD$204,50056-15
 C. Lazzaro MID$126,20029.7-12
 B. CampbellMID/FWD$230,00067.7-12
 T. Powell MID$191,80059-11
 J. Butts DEF$214,10062.7-6
 A. Scott MID/FWD$139,50048-6
 C. Idun DEF$214,90064.5-3
 H. SharpMID/DEF$117,30035.5-2
 J. Daniher FWD$266,00070.3-1
 I. Cumming DEF$337,10093.3-1
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 C. WarnerFWD$334,00079.3-23
 J. Jordan MID$355,00087-19
 E. Gulden MID$414,00099.7-18
 D. RobertsonMID/FWD$228,00093-17
 M. Flynn RUC$346,00083-12
 T. Walker FWD$558,000120.3-9
 C. Burgess DEF$221,00077-7
 M. Bergman FWD$227,00057.5-6
 J. Bruce FWD$485,00098.3-4
 A. Waterman FWD$198,00068-4
 L. Meek RUC$227,00046-2
 T. Highmore DEF$240,00057.50
 L. Parks DEF$191,000581
 P. Hunter RUC$212,000491
 A. ScottMID/FWD$238,000491
 C. Idun DEF$257,000563
 T. FullartonRUC/FWD$197,00035.75
 N. Shipley MID$187,000516
 N. Cox DEF/FWD$299,00054.38
 S. Giro MID$322,00057.78
 M. FrederickFWD$352,00076.59
 H. JonesFWD$229,00044.39
 H. Chapman DEF$279,000589
 L. McNeilMID$203,0003610
 S. WicksFWD$487,00091.311
 T. Brockman MID/FWD$260,00050.711
 L. YoungDEF/MID$346,00064.312
 C. Lazzaro MID$231,00039.712
 C. Jiath DEF$444,00084.312
 S. Berry MID$290,00054.713
 J. Koschitzke DEF$231,0004314
 J. Prior DEF$181,0004014
 N. Murray DEF$179,0003814
 T. Powell MID$330,00062.715
 J. Rowe FWD$291,00057.315
 B. Campbell MID/FWD$344,00063.716
 T. Berry FWD$268,0005216
 C. Menadue DEF$261,0006117
 S. Taylor DEF$293,0004818
 Z. Sproule FWD$176,0003318
 M. Holmes MID/FWD$247,0005618
 S. SwitkowskiFWD$410,00077.719
 J. Butts DEF$226,00036.319
 I. Cumming DEF$462,00086.719
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E. GuldenMID$294,300100-65
J. JordanMID$277,70087-62
C. WarnerFWD$292,30079-56
T. WalkerFWD$482,200120-50
T. HighmoreDEF$152,20058-50
S. GiroMID$224,30058-46
M. BergmanFWD$160,90058-46
P. HunterRUC$132,80049-41
H. ChapmanDEF$187,20058-36
M. FlynnRUC$270,40083-34
M. FredrickFWD$282,50077-32
C. LazzaroMID$185,00040-30
J. ZiebellFWD$449,200105-29
C. IdunDEF$197,10056-28
C. JiathDEF$375,20084-26
N. CoxDEF/FWD$259,80054-25
L. Meek RUC$202,90046-25
S. BerryMID$212,30055-23
B. CampbellMID/FWD$287,90064-22
J. BruceFWD$445,40098-20
T. BrockmanMID/FWD$205,00051-19
J. ImpeyFWD$390,60086-17
A. ScottMID/FWD$187,60049-15
J. HuntFWD$373,20070-13
T. PowellMID$256,50063-10
T. FullartonRUC/FWD$184,10036-7
I. CummingDEF$415,10087-5
H. McKayFWD$494,50091-2
J. KoschizkeFWD$197,50043-1