Author: Jon Coombs

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap UP | Round 20

The first week of league finals is always an exciting one, and you can’t really say this weekend didn’t have excitement. I mean, it looked at one point like we may not even have a full nine matches considering the news that came out late Friday. While contingency plans were put in place the round happened, and wasn’t it a beauty for us supercoaches. Plenty of points to go around with some stunning scoring across the board. Let’s have a look at how it played out. 

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 19

A quiet lockdown weekend here in Melbourne didn’t necessarily mean a quiet weekend in front of the flat screen. This round of footy may have been one thing, but how good is it that we’ve got the Olympics for the first time in five years!? While there’s a certain oddity to it all without spectators and other pandemic adjustments it’s still the Olympics and can’t not be watched. 

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 17

For those of us invested in the world of SuperCoach there are moments too. Moments whereby an injury, a poor performance, or even a great performance can change the course of a round and even a season. Of course, let’s not equate these Supercoach moments to the realities of life and living, but in the life of season 2021, Round 17 may well be a moment for our teams and even for the teams we support.

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 16

Now that the byes are well and truly gone this is the time of year where big things can happen. And when I say big things, I mean big scores. The premiums are in, the rookies are off the field, and the opportunity for some monster scores keep us coming back. Well, it is for me anyway.

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 13

What a fascinating round of football we had this weekend. Some winners, some losers, and some just straddling the fence unsure about it all. Of course, the big winner was Neale Daniher and his team raising much needed funds for motor-neurone disease. What a great cause and such an inspiration to see. Puts the weekly ups and downs of being a fantasy sports coach in perspective, don’t you think?

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap Up | Round 11

As a former club president used to say regularly on a Thursday night, “A week is a long time in football”. And boy, this week has felt long. The obvious issue being the nature of the AFL season now that we here in Victoria have gone back into lockdown. At one point in the week it was looking like a bye-round had come early, but then it changed again back to the 22-man squad being counted. The rollercoaster finally settled on Friday morning and for some provided sweet relief for all those who care on what felt like a long weekend.