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#8 Most Relevant | Sam Flanders

It happens in every season! A player comes from the clouds with a drastic role change. They present the SuperCoach and AFLFantasy community with supreme value and premium scoring. But entering the 2024 season, plenty has changed around Sam Flanders and his Gold Coast Suns. Can this former first-round selection pick up from where he left last year?

#9 Most Relevant | Jackson Macrae

Jackson Macrae has been a staple in our SuperCoach & AFLFantasy sides for over a decade. While 2023 was a topsy-turvy season both in scoring & role consistency, he enters into 2024 with DPP and the potential of being the top forward in the game.

#22 Most Relevant | Harley Reid

Exploring the fantasy football potential of Harley Reid, the West Coast Eagles’ number one draft pick, as coaches navigate the balance between his high expectations and rookie status.

#23 Most Relevant | Taylor Adams

Dive into the fantasy prospects of Taylor Adams as he transitions to the Sydney Swans, examining his value and potential role in your fantasy football structures.

#33 Most Relevant | Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore emerges not just as a player, but as a pivotal decision in your strategy. Discover how this Hawthorn forward’s blend of consistency and potential can shape the backbone of your team.

#39 Most Relevant | Josh Rachele

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Josh Rachele is an emerging talent in the league. Only two seasons into his career, he’s become quickly known for his dynamic and impactful style of play with the Adelaide Crows. As a forward, Rachele’s greatest weapons are his remarkable goal sense and exceptional ability to read

#44 Most Relevant | Elijah Tsatas

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Essendon Football Club made a significant move in their 2022 draft by selecting Elijah Tsatas, a player highly regarded in his junior career. Tsatas, known for his attacking style in the midfield, has demonstrated an impressive ability to gather the ball both inside and outside the

#47 Most Relevant | Zac Fisher

The players you pick and the structure you settle on with the forward line loom as one of the big decisions of the 2024 preseason. New Kangaroo Zac Fisher might hold the key that unlocks a successful start to the season. Here’s next up in our 50 most relevant.

#50 Most Relevant | Connor Macdonald

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the 50 most relevant!
Kicking off the annual countdown is one of my favourites in Connor Macdonald. For some, he’s a name you’ve never considered; for others, he’s someone they wish we didn’t cover. Either way, the cat is out of the bag! Let’s leap into the start of the 2024 50 most relevant.