Tag: Midfield

#29 Most Relevant | Lachie Neale

The 2022 season of Lachie Neale will go down as one of his best. However, it’s another season of wasted opportunities for the Brisbane Lions. Having stocked up over the off-season, is it now the time for Neale to carry his side to premiership glory?

#31 Most Relevant | Will Phillips

After a solid debut season, injury ruined the 2022 season of Will Phillips, and he didn’t play a game all year. The former early draft selection is fit, firing and ready to make a mark in 2023.

#32 Most Relevant | Zach Merrett

Zach Merrett has been a staple premium in our midfield for over half a decade. As we enter another season, does the trend continue, or will we start to see his scoring decline?

#33 Most Relevant | Tom Green

Sometimes all a player needs to become a premium fantasy scorer is an opportunity. In the case of Tom Green, several vacancies with the Giants midfield opportunities have been created, and at the Coaches Panel, we believe he’s ready to maximise it.

#34 Most Relevant | Caleb Serong

Since he walked into the AFL, the fantasy community has been waiting for the premium season of Caleb Serong. He’s shown as glimpses over the past few seasons, is 2023 the year he puts it all together?

#38 Most Relevant | Jacob Hopper

For years Jacob Hopper was seen as one of the future cornerstones of the GWS Giants midfield. But with a trade in the offseason to Richmond, he’ll now be a pillar that extends the Tigers run at the top of the ladder. But does the moving help or hurt his fantasy output?

#40 Most Relevant | Errol Gulden

Players rarely deliver a ton in their first game into the AFL, but Errol Gulden was able to do so. As he enters the mythical third-year breakout, could we see this Swan become the next big forward premium?

#41 Most Relevant | Patrick Cripps

The phenomenal season from Patrick Cripps was topped off by winning the Brownlow Medal. And for the first time since 2019, he averaged above 100 in SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam. Can the AFL’s reigning best player back it up and do it again in 2023?

#42 Most Relevant | Bailey Smith

Bailey Smith started the 2022 season on fire; he became one of the most popular and in demand players. Entering 2023, I have barely seen anyone mention him, let alone plan to start with him. His low potential ownership could be a gold mine for coaches willing to jump on. 

#44 Most Relevant | Luke Davies-Uniacke

Last year Luke Davies-Uniacke moved from the realm of a hopeful fantasy footballer into a player with the potential to be among the top scoring premiums in the game. But, under a new coaching regime, can LDU become one of the most relevant players in 2023?