Ultimate Footy: Possible DPP’s

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in season. On Wednesday afternoon we’ll confirm with you exclusively which players WILL gain a new position, but before then here are some players we believe would be in consideration for obtaining a new positional status.

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Travis Boak – GAIN CENTRE

He’s had a flying start to the season and is proving to be one of the high value wins for coaches that drafted the former Port Adelaide skipper. In the preseason the coach Ken Hinkley spoke about the desire to play Boak back more through the midfield and without Ollie Wines in the side due to injury, Boak along with others has thrived with the extra midfield responsibility and has delivered accordingly on the scoreboard.

Wil Powell – GAIN CENTRE

Like Boak above his real value is that he’s forward eligible and the fact he’s currently averaging 88.5 would be higher than anyone could have anticipated. The possible gain will only add versatility to current owners not more significant value.

Josh Battle – GAIN BACK

Like Naughton he’s had a drastic role change from that of previous seasons and the gaining of back status should be a simple formality here. In deep draft leagues and depending what scoring categories you use he could be a viable waiver wire selection.


I might have got this all wrong! Not about the fact that he’s a solid candidate to gain forward status, for me that’s very likely given the past fortnight. What I got wrong was that a move into the forward line as predicted in the preseason would severely damage his scoring ceiling. However, scores of 109 Vs Melbourne and 121 Vs Carlton suggest owners now have a potential premium forward on their hands.

Side note for Ebert owners, check how he starts the season historically in contrast to the end of year scores. He typically comes out firing and slows as the season goes on. Not saying it will happen again, but just a reference for current owners.


Previous seasons he’s been a midfielder who’s had low value in the eyes of opposition coaches but for his owners has been reliable on field scorer. With a move forward over the past two games we will start to see a more significant variation in his scoring and coaches only need to look at his two scores of 113 and 46 from this year so far to see. Like Ablett and Ebert above, it’s unknown if UltimateFooty will take three games of data as sufficient to make the change or not.

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Gary Ablett – GAIN FORWARD

The Geelong coaching team all preseason indicated that he’d be spending a large portion of game time forward in 2019 and that’s certainly been what’s happened over the opening two matches of the season. A look at his centre bounce attendances would indicate he’s spending the majority of his time outside of the midfield at centre bounces and starting from inside the Cats forward 50.

At times UltimateFooty has been more on the conservative side of offering an additional position to more significant impact and known fantasy scoring players. Historically, UltimateFooty has opted to get more data so that they are not seen to be reactionary in the positional allocations. So Ablett, and possibly others we may have to wait for another three more games to get as a forward. Regardless, f current trends continue, it’ll only be a matter of time before the little master is forward eligible.

Aaron Naughton – GAIN FORWARD

It looks like it’s not just an experiment that was trialled at times in 2018 is becoming the permanent set up with Aaron Naughton now looking stable in the new look forward line. For keeper leagues, and leagues with customised scoring categories he’s certainly someone to consider if he’s available.

Michael Gibbons – GAIN FORWARD

Not relevant at this stage as he’s barely giving you a score that’s worth keeping on your squad let alone placing on the field. Since making his debut in the JLT Community series and again over the opening two rounds of football Michael Gibbons has slipped seamlessly into the void in Carlton’s forward line created by the retirement of Matt Wright.

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