Breakeven: Round Two

Buy low, Sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we discuss the players with the lowest and the highest breakevens.

Charlie Constable (MID) $277,000 | Breakeven -38

Currently in 56% of sides, but in all honesty if he’s not in your team, he needs to be the #1 priority this week. Certainly looks like he’s healthy enough an option to keep as playing on field option over the next 3-4 week.s

Willem Drew (MID/FWD) $272,000 | Breakeven -32

Over 60% of coaches have enjoyed his scoring over the past two weeks. One thing is uncertain though, what impact (if any) will the return of co-captain Ollie Wines have to his midfield role upon return from injury which looms likely as this coming week.

Xavier Durrsma (MID/DEF) $315,000 | Breakeven -15

Starting to get pricey to attain, but given his low breakeven, he’s still a trade target, primarily if your breakout candidate hasn’t worked out the way you’d planned.

Gyran Miers (FWD) $220,000 | Breakeven -10

As long as the Cats keep winning and he plays this role he’ll maintain his spot in the side.

Jack Petruccelle (FWD) $222,000 | Breakeven -10

Like all small forwards his scoring deviation will be high, but given he’s coming off a 70+ score and has clear job security now he certainly deserves to be a cash generation target, especially if others on this list are already within your side.

Matthew Parker (FWD) $258,000 | Breakeven -10

I trust the ceiling more of Parker than Jack and Gyran above, that’s self-evident given his performances over the past two weeks. Let’s hope he can continue on scoring 50+ for us over the next three weeks and push his value north another $100k. Still worthy of a spot on the field especially, if it’s a choice between all 3 of the small forwards.

Michael Gibbons (MID) $214,000 | Breakeven -5

He’s going to be a slow-burning cash cow and certainly not one I’d want to have to field unless injury misstruck you. That said he’s got strong job security and will bubble along nicely and if his value can get close to $300k, then that’s got to be a win.

Rather than writing a paragraph of commentary about the most important players in DreamTeam I thought I’d share with you the top 20 players who have played 2 games and have a negative breakeven.

Charlie ConstableMID$157,900 94-119
Willem DrewMID/FWD$157,900 89-109
Xavier DuursmmaDEF/MID$164,400 87-101
Matthew ParkerFWD$149,400 73-80
Lachlan Schultz FWD$149,400 66-66
Wil PowellFWD$260,200 89-63
Sam WalshMID$249,400 86-63
Bailey ScottMID$149,400 64-62
James CousinsMID$289,000 94-60
Michael GibbonsMID$130,300 55-52
Jordan ClarkDEF $179,400 65-51
Jack ScrimshawDEF $171,700 63-51
Jack PetruccelleFWD$157,900 60-51
Gryan MiersFWD$157,900 59-49
Zak ButtersMID$194,400 67-48
Luke Davies-UniakeMID$259,300 81-47
Connor RozeeDEF/FWD$229,400 72-44
Tom SparrowMID$149,400 52-39
Tom AtkinsMID$144,300 51-38
Will SetterfieldMID/FWD$212,400 65-36

Rather than writing a paragraph of commentary about the most important players in SuperCoach I thought I’d share with you the players who have played 2 games and have a negative breakeven.

W. Drew MID/FOR$123,900 96.5-121
 M. Parker FOR$117,300 88-108
 C. Constable MID$123,900 84.5-97
 L. Davies-Uniacke MID$197,500 99-83
X. Duursma DEF/MID$130,800 72.5-69
 Z. Butters MID$157,800 77.5-63
 B. Scott MID$117,300 63.5-59
 J. Clark DEF$144,300 67.5-51
 J. Scrimshaw DEF$149,800 67.5-48
 G. Miers FOR$123,900 60-48
 T. Atkins MID$112,900 56-47
C. Rozee DEF/FOR$189,300 76-42
 J. Bruce FOR$268,500 96-36
 C. Wilkie DEF$124,900 54-36
 J. Cousins MID$219,900 82-36
W. Setterfield MID/FOR$144,900 59.5-35
 M. Gibbons MID$102,400 45.5-32
D. Moore DEF/FOR$239,400 85-31
 C. Ballard DEF$241,800 85.5-31
 S. Walsh MID$207,300 75.5-31
 T. Liberatore MID$300,400 102-29
 J. Petruccelle FOR$123,900 50-28
 W. Powell FOR$211,500 75.5-28
 T. Sparrow MID$117,300 48-28
 L. McCarthy FOR$247,500 85-26
 L. Schultz FOR$117,300 44-20
 T. Rockliff MID$405,900 127-19
 H. Taylor DEF$262,800 85-18
C. Burgess DEF/FOR$123,900 44.5-17
 O. Allen DEF$236,700 76.5-16
 A. Phillips RUC$278,800 88.5-15
 D. Sheed MID$394,100 122-15
 B. McKay DEF$123,900 42.5-13
 C. McCarthy FOR$273,300 85-11
 L. Keeffe DEF$190,500 60-9
 B. Daniels FOR$246,400 75.5-8
 J. Bowes MID$348,100 105-7
 A. Sexton FOR$329,700 98.5-6
 S. Collins DEF$188,900 56.5-3