Rainman’s SuperCoach Team Reveal


Jake Lloyd had numbers unlike anyone in defence last year and whilst he tapered off towards the end of 2019, his floor was mid 80’s, and I will take that any day. I don’t buy into the Dawson taking his points theory. He had eight scores over 120, and I can’t see his role changing dramatically.

Partnering him at D2 is Freo’s, Luke Ryan. I think he expands on a very good year in 2019 where he had five scores over 100 and 3 over 130. He is an integral link in their defence, and they love to use him coming out. I also think Longmuir brings his Collingwood defensive mindset where pressure is king, and they possess coming out, meaning more uncontested marks to go with his already excellent (81%) disposal efficiency.

Docherty and Doedee will be extremely popular and come with their own element of risk, but at their price, I cannot go past them. Tom Williamson has been highly rated at Ikon since he debuted but has been cruelled by injury. He is back on track and cherry ripe for round 1. He is best 22 and will be a very serviceable cash cow. Will Gould has been touted as a young Shannon Hurn and if he can help distribute out of the back half for the swans will be a convenient cash cow for us.

Murphy and McLennan have both had time on their respective lists and are ready to make an impact but will be a pre-season watch. 


Jack Macrae has two seasons of averaging over 120. In my eyes, he is untaggable and will continue to rack up this year. He has never been in doubt as M1 for me.

Lachie Neale was a revelation last year at Brisbane, and I can’t see his form changing. At the coalface to rack up huge possession numbers translating to a huge ceiling. The tag talk is overblown, and he will continue on his merry way.

I Love Patrick Cripps… and what is there not to love. Just a beast, ceiling that few can match and watch him take it to the next level this year. Last year averaged 136 or every time he scored a 100 and missed out on the ton only seven times.

Expect that to improve in 2020 Danger at M4 is a bit of a no brainer for me. Is SC royalty and many might be scared off with his few forward stints last year and the fact he has lost hos fwd status. The loss of Tim Kelly and the addition of Josh Jenkins means that he will spend all his time bursting through the centre and giving us consistent 120+ scores.

How good is Clarry? 109 last year in a deplorable team with a double shoulder reconstruction and limited pre-season, yep, I will have me some of that. Scores over 100 in 75% of games over the last three years, of which he has played every game!!!! Durability is king, so lock him in your side and drink up those sweet points.

No Rowell, yep at this rage I am taking a wait and see approach as I feel like there are good lower-priced rookies with solid JS that will be around his scoring. May change come Marsh Community Series, but he is out for now. Like his name Pickett just picks himself. Brisbane were so pumped to pick up Robertson so late in the draft and with good reason. He will be a jet.

Big things expected for Jackson Mead and Port have already stated that they will give their rookies plenty of opportunity like last year. I like Tyler Brown and see him getting an excellent opportunity this year. Sharp and Rivers round out the bench and are both likely for early games. Rivers adding some DPP flexibility in the mids.  


Surely the most popular starting rucks in SC and for a good reason. Their ceiling and consistency is unbelievable. I see no reason to look at any other rucks, something major is going to have to happen for Brodie and Max not to be 1 and 2. Charlie Comben is this year’s Bines/Olango/Strndica…the cheapest possible ruck/fwd that won’t play and has majority late games….. LOOPHOLE


Now, this is where things get a little funky!!! The forwards this year are thin, very very thin, so I believe you can get a little creative… Everyone needs to pick Whitfield…Next.

No Dusty is noticeable. I think he starts slow and comes to the fore in the mid to latter part of the year. Hey, it was a tactic that helped them win a flag in 2019, why change it? I will undoubtedly have him in my team by years end. I choose not to start him. His teammate, however, Tom Lynch very much interests me. Priced at 71, with a tremendous post-bye performance last year (including 4x100s) I think he can win the Coleman this year and average around 95.

Both Steven and Smith are popular underpriced options and with good reason. Both proven scorers that are well discounted. Will watch in the preseason for the role. Steven Hill at a price picks himself, and the mature ager Hutchesson is a quality player if he can break into that amazing GWS side. Rankine will be in most teams, and Williams is a placeholder.

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