10 Players who could gain DPP in AFLFantasy (Round 12)

Ahead of rounds 6, 12 and 18 AFLFantasy award secondary positions to players that have had a role change. Here’s my take on some players that would be in contention for a DPP addition when they are announced after this round.

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Noah Balta – GAIN RUCK

Ever since the injury to Nank the Tank a few rounds back Noah Balta has taken more than his fair share of ruck duties as he has split the role with Ivan Soldo and Callum Coleman-Jones. What’s important about this gain is coaches who are rucking a Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy ruck combo now can have a scoring ruckman in round 13 with the magic of DPP trading.

Liam Stocker – GAIN DEFENDER

The promising youngster who’s part of the still heavily debated trade between Adelaide & Carlton on the draft night has been getting his chance at the elite level over the past month. Rightly or wrongly the Blues have chosen to use him more inside defensive fifty rather than as a midfielder where he spent the majority of his junior career. While the role as a defender is likely capping his fantasy output owners will gladly take the DPP as it’ll add some further squad flexibility as coaches may be scrambling to field 18 on the field in some weeks of the multi-bye rounds.

Jack Trengove – GAIN RUCK

With Tim English absent the past few weeks due to an injury the club made the move that versatile bigman Jackson Trengove leads the clubs, ruck division. History at both the dogs and his previous side Port Adelaide suggests that he’s only relevant as an on-field option when playing as the primary ruck and not as a key defender who relief rucks. 


Honestly, the fact he didn’t start with forward eligibility was a massive oversight in my opinion. Even as a Tiger, he was in the team as a goal kicking forward who could add to the sides defensive efforts. This role has continued at his new side, and AFLFantasy has a chance to right the wrong and gives him forward status. He’s draft relevant only, but with a five-round average of 87, he’s doing plenty to put himself into a serious forward option for coaches.

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Jack Ziebell – GAIN MIDFIELD

His scoring has been a fantasy yoyo in 2019, but except for last week against the Bulldogs, the Kangaroos skipper has been given a role change back into the midfield. His round 14 bye round and possible DPP could be a Godsend for you to navigate the bye rounds unscathed.


Ever since recovering from injury and breaking into the Cats side in round five he’s given draft owners two scores over the ton (102,114) and two in the 90’s. The older Guthrie has been used to add some defensive pressure to the on ball brigade to a side that boasts stars in Patrick Dangerfield, Tim Kelly and captain Joel Selwood. While it’d take a brave (maybe even crazy) coach to take the punt in classic as a draft pick with defensive eligibility he’s been a gold mine. The addition of midfield status should be a simple pedestrian selection here for AFLFantasy.


SPP like many of his young teammates is certainly taking small steps towards showing glimpses of the potential for future seasons. It’s not an uncommon practice to see Sam seagull around Patrick Cripps and wait for service as the first touch from stoppage for the Blues. His speed and skills outside the contest have been important so far this year and he’s one that should gain midfield status with minimal fuss.

Jade Gresham – GAIN MIDFIELD

With central midfielder Jack Steven missing multiple games this year Jade has been given a significant role in the midfield group. With only three scores sub 70 all season he’s been relatively consistent, but like with all players who gain ‘midfield’ DPP it will only add versatility to your list not increased on-field scoring potential. Draft relevant for sure, and with a low of 80 in the last three weeks, he’s enjoying the role change.

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Dyson Heppell – GAIN DEFENDER

The noise from the fantasy community for this addition has been gaining momentum weekly now. The Essendon skipper is certainly being used less and making way for new star recruit Dylan Shiel in the midfield. Dyson is playing a sweeping role for his side but whether or not it’s enough of a clear positional change into defensive and not just a ‘role’ change in the midfield unit where he sits back behind the play will be something no doubt Champion Data consider. If he days gain it he’ll be among the most popular trades in after the Dons bye round next week.

Mitch Duncan – GAIN DEFENDER

This would be a big one, but I think it could be on the cards. With Tim KellyBrandon Parfitt and even Patrick Dangerfield increasing their midfield minutes we’re seeing guys like Duncan and Selwood spend less time at centre bounces and starting from the defensive half. Do we have enough information for Champion Data to justify the selection? Last weekends three-goal effort may have dampened his chances but awarding him DPP would give coaches another viable top defensive line scorer. Am I confident he’ll get it? No, frankly it’s more unlikely than likely, but a big game inside defensive 50 may give us enough data to make them give him a new position.

Others in the Mix

Kane Lambert really should have gained midfield status already, and while it’s a ‘nothing’ addition, it’s certainly a valid add. In a similar vein, the Gold Coast’s Darcy Macpherson is playing a vital pressure role in the midfield and should also pick up DPP. Bryce Gibbs if picked would be building enough data to have a case to gain defensive status while don’t rule out Stephen Coniglio being a surprise forward inclusion. His hand injury might have caused the move as much as anything, but he’s spent significant time forward in the past month, and his scores have dipped as a result.

Your Take

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