2021 Fantasy Football Predictions | Defenders

We are now just days away from the first bounce of the 2021 Fantasy football season. Every year the panel sit down and share their predictions for the season. Today they share their big calls on the defenders. Do you agree or disagree with them?

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Prediction for top scoring player

Rids | Jake Lloyd

MJ | Jake Lloyd

Jimmy | Caleb Daniel

Fox | Jake Lloyd

Tim | Jake Lloyd

Ben | Jake Lloyd

Lewy | Jake Lloyd

Rainman | Jake Lloyd. Rolled gold is Rolled gold. Streaming half backs will be a thing for a bit but clubs aren’t stupid and counter measures will be put in place to nullify there influence. Lloyd will keep on keeping on. – Midprice player that booms

The Midprice player that fires

Rids | Jordan Clark or Isaac Quaynor

MJ | Liam Duggan

Jimmy | Oleg Markov

Fox | Isaac Quaynor

Tim | James Harmes

Ben | Hayden Young

Lewy | Orazio Fantasia

Rainman | Jack Lukoscious in Supercoach. Will glock between half back distributor and wing. Sublime disposal and excellent decision maker. He is on the higher side of mid price but fits nice enough into the non premium bucket. – Midprice player that busts

The Midprice player that is a bust

Rids | James Harmes

MJ | Isaac Cumming

Jimmy | Orazio Fantasia

Fox | Ryan Burton + Orazio Fantasia

Tim | Isaac Cumming

Ben | Jordan Clark

Lewy | Andy McPherson

Rainman | Alex Witherden. His decision making is poor and his confidence has taken a hell of a hit from his halcyon days. West Coast have a very structured defence that thrives on clean disposal. It will take him a while to become part of the system, and his poor decision making will likely see him left by the way side – A must have cash cow

Cash Cow you need to start with

Rids | Jacob Koschitze

MJ | There are none, they all suck!

Tim | Jacob Koschitze

Ben | Jacob Koschitze

Lewy | Nathan Murray

Rainman | Very tough this year, but I will say Nik Cox, this kid looks a smooth mover and sonagile for his size. The bombers will be keen to get games into him and he can play a variety of roles. I reckon he could just be the one. – A big call

My 2021 Big Call Is…

Rids | Tom Stewart will average more than Laird in DT and AF for the year

MJ | Caleb Daniel will score over 200 in a game this season in SuperCoach

Jimmy | A defender will be the highest scoring player across all formats this season

Fox | Hearing Sam Docherty’s name more and more as the year wears on

Tim | Tom Stewart to actually have a game where he does not score within his patented 80-100 range

Ben | Luke McDonald is fools gold this time round.

Lewy | Zac Williams won’t be a top 6 defender. But he’ll be a top 6 forward in AFLFantasy

Rainman | A defender will kick a goal from kicking out from a point. Talking advantage of the 15 mtr rule from kick out and the man on the mark rule, a defender will kick out and then be involved in significant chains and then kick a bomb from out side 50 for one of the goals of the year. My tip would be Adam Saad or Brodie Smith