AAMI Community Series Review | Bulldogs Vs Demons

If you believe in changing your team mid AAMI community series, then this clash would’ve given your fantasy footy apps a workout. With premiums delivering big numbers, we got alot to take away from the Bulldogs and Demons game.


He’s not bad at football hey? Just remember he did the exact same thing in last year during the preseason.


He also goes ok at this game, for those who hadn’t noticed yet.


Ok let me elaborate on this one because there have been questions raised – by his own coach no less – about Dunkley’s current footballing ability. So nevermind the score and the fact he played mids, the key thing here is that he played mids with a clearly defined run-with role and he thrived on it. Playing accountable means he plays, and he plays near a man to cuddle. Double figure tackle numbers in preseason is an excellent display which makes me (and hopefully Bevo) very happy.


Rocketed out of the gates but slowed down as he copped a little more attention. Expect him to cop a lot this year. Depending on whether you were keen on him or not, confirmation bias is easily found in one of the two halves of today’s match.

Martin & English

Double-teamed Gawn and nullified influence. Martin looks like he has a new lease on life while English did a pretty good impression of a key forward at times. The two will give a lot of teams a lot of grief in the ruck this year, meaning the Dogs aren’t necessarily giving up bulk points in that department like they have in recent history. Given English played a lot forward, keep in mind that forwards might score well against Melbourne but perhaps less so against other teams. Handy if he does gain DPP in the formats which allow that.

Hunter & Smith

On the eye test both were pushed out of the midfield a lot tonight; Hunter to the half-forward line and Smith to the wing. Both did a lot of damage in their respective roles. Does this allow Treloar to slot straight into the mid rotations?


Not often we get a bottom priced 25 year old rookie in the mix for rd 1. This is exactly what we got. Scott didn’t do his chances any harm at all in this game. He kicked a couple of goals, rotated through the flanks. He obviously was rookied (from the dogs VFL squad) for a role.


Played the pressure small fwd role through the game. Wasn’t prolific but did snag himself a goal. This game he didn’t bang the door down but will stay in contention for early games.

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Mopped up everything that went into the forward line that didn’t go through the big sticks. Unfortunately went off very sore after a marking contest and missed the last part of the game, so monitor news in the coming days.


Dominated the ruck but had little of his trademark influence around the ground. As noted above, the Martin and English combo will annoy a lot of big men this year.


Not the best player, but maybe the most enthusiastic. Spent a lot of time dancing without finding a partner or a possession and there must be questions about a midfield role once Brayshaw Viney & Oliver return. Does he go back to tagging, or back to the backline, or back to the VFL?


Barely got out of first gear but got well acquainted with Dunkley for awhile. No reason not to pick him if you were already keen.


Ok yes I know, but hear me out. If this week is anything to go by (and that does remain to be seen, it is a small sample size after all), it does appear as though this is the sort of year where running half backs who can create space and overlap and nail the 45 kick are getting a lot of easy marks and possessions. And that’s what Langdon did. Make of that what you will.