AAMI Community Series Review | Eagles Vs Dockers

After a big day of footy, MJ & Rids shared the duty to review the mini WA derby. Here’s the lads review of the AAMI Community series review.

Andrew Gaff

Did Andrew Gaff things. He ran a lot. Hw found the ball a lot. He got booed a lot. If you like him then he did everything he needed

Liam Duggan

Played through the midfield and looked right at home. if you were bullish on him as a breakout defender then tonight’s clash should have only furthered that resolve.

Shannon Hurn

He’s not done with yet. Had 24 disposals, 8 marks, and was one of only 3 players with over 450 metres gained in the game. He’s not a ‘classic’ format selection, but still very worthwhile in a draft.

Alex Witherden

Played a fantasy footy friendly role off half back. ‘Witho’ had 15 kicks from his 16 disposals and linked up nicely with the other Eagles defenders with plenty of marks. Like Hurn above, he’s more draft relevant than classic relevant. But I (MJ) wouldn’t talk anyone out of him if they were bullish on him. He has that role across the backline now that Duggan is a midfielder.

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Andrew Brayshaw

The 2020 break out star appears to be ready to break into the top elite mids of the comp. He is very fantasy and nothing in this game says he won’t take another jump this year.

Minairo Frederick

Ok this is a surprise. Never thought I would be writing about this guy. Truth is though he sat out on a wing and ran and ran and ran. He has a crazy good leap on him and his hands are clean. Not sure salary cap option (stranger things have happened) but might be worth looking at him as a last pick in the draft formats. Very speculative but he impressed me

Nathan Fyfe

Gun. Played a lot of mid then a lot of fwd. Biggest thing though was he moved very well after copping a knock early. SC All day option.

Hayden Young

Loves to get ball then run quickly then kick. Nicely priced across all formats. Always love my fantasy guys to use hands to mark the ball and tackle opposition. It is called football after all ? Young likes kicking.

Lloyd Meek

Really surprised by his leap. Kid can play. Lobb injury will mean Meek should play whether Darcy is available or not. He is the perfect r3 option as Darcy is likely to be injured again in the next month judging by history

Ethan Hughes

Cracking game by Hughes. Was a part of every Freo drive from the backline. He really has popped into rd 1 contention for teams with his game. Luke Ryan wasn’t playing, so unsure whether Ryan’s exclusion drove Hughes to be so prolific.