AFLFantasy | Possible DPP Additions | Round 18

Before round 6, 12 and 18, the gang at AFLFantasy team up with Champion Data to add some new DPP into the game. After round 5, the first list of names and positions will be released. Historically, AFLFantasy has said that players need a minimum of 35% to be considered for a new allocation in a new position. So let’s see which players are locks, close or no chance of getting DPP.

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Darcy Tucker | ADD DEFENDER

With just one game over 80 (111) all season, many would be forgiven for looking past Darcy Tucker. And in classic, I totally advocate for it. In a draft, depending on how deep your league is Tucker could be a handy in. Darcy’s spending an increasing amount of time off the wings and across half back. It’s not a highly relevant gain, but its a fair one.

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Jordan De Goey | ADD MIDFIELD

The preseason role of Jordan De Goey has finally started to be seen! For those who started him and held your patience is finally being rewarded. For those looking to jump onto a value forward capable of going 90 for the next seven weeks ‘JDG5’ has shown his potential in the past month. With 3 tons in his last 4, he’s proving to be a popular ‘trade in’ for many. The reason for the scoring spike is the exact same reason he’ll pick up Midfield status, he’s playing almost exclusively in that role.

Jake Stringer | ADD MIDFIELD

I could probably ‘copy & paste’ the reasoning from Degoey for Jake Stringer. Over the last month or so his club has upped his centre bounce attendance. Clearly, Ben Rutten loves his centre clearance work and burst from stoppage. More often than not, Stringer then pushes forward and allows another Bomber into the midfield mix. Like any midfield addition, it is only versatility to awards you rather than a scoring relevance boost.

Tristan Xerri | ADD RUCK

For the 1.4% of owners (which I am one of), this likely gain will come as a small boost to go with his 34 weekly points. At the very least he’ll provide a small pulse for coaches running with no ruck cover.

Luke Jackson | ADD RUCK

Over the past few weeks, the Demons have started to equalise the ruck usage between Max Gawn and Luke Jackson. Just last week they had an even split of ruck contests attended. As a result, his RUC/FWD gain should be a simple formality for the gatekeepers of AFLFantasy. He’s not classic relevant, but in deeper draft leagues especially if you have two rucks on field this could be a huge boost for owners.

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Mitch Duncan | ADD FORWARD

OK, at first, it feels like a stretch. And to some extent, I agree but hear me out. On Wednesday morning, SuperFooty released a forecast of potential names that may be DPP’s in 2022 for SuperCoach. Now, if you don’t play SC, that’s fine, but it’s still relevant. AFLFantasy, along with SuperCoach and DreamTeam, all take their initial squad allocations from Champion Data. So they were cited as a reference point in this article where (you guessed it) Mitch Duncan was listed as a MID/FWD.

If he’s passed CD’s threshold to be an option in 2022, then he’s certainly a consideration to be a huge acquisition in this final batch of DPP’s.