Breakevens | Round One

Buy low, sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we share with you the players with the lowest breakevens across AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam. Here are the players that offer the best breakevens heading into round two.

For SuperCoach and DreamTeam we only include players who are on the price bubble and have played more than one game.

PlayerPositionPriceAverage Breakeven
Sam SturtFWD$123,900100-53
Marlion PickettMID$123,90094-47
Justin McInerneyMID$123,90081-34
Curtis TaylorFWD$123,90079-32
Mitchell Georgiades FWD$130,80078-28
Sam NaismithRUC$251,500121-25
Jack VineyMID$439,300186-19
Tyler BrownMID$123,90064-17
Jacob TownsendFWD$222,90099-14
Ben LongFWD$283,100118-10
Jarrod BranderDEF/FWD$133,00059-8
Ben DavisFWD$123,90051-4
Connor BudarickMID/FWD$106,90044-4
Deven RobertonsonMID$117,30047-3
Sam JacobsRUC$348,400134-1
Matthew RowellMID$207,30080-1
The players with negative Breakevens in SuperCoach.
Sam SturtFWD$160,90061-21
Marlion PickettMID$160,90060-20
Mitchell Georgiades FWD$167,20060-18
Justin McInerneyMID$160,90048-8
Ryan GardnerFWD$167,70049-7
Jarrod BranderDEF/FWD$222,70061-6
Tyler BrownMID$160,90046-6
Sam NaismithRUC$297,80078-4
Curtis TaylorFWD$173,50047-4
Brett BewleyFWD$353,20089-1
Matthew RowellMID$252,20064-1
The players with negative Breakevens in AFL DreamTeam
Marlion PickettMID$196,00060-11
Sam SturtFWD$197,00061-11
Jarrod BranderDEF/FWD$240,00061-4
Ryan GardnerFWD$189,00049-3
Tyler BrownMID$187,00046-2
Sam NaismithRUC$314,00078-2
Curtis TaylorFWD$188,00047-2
Justin McInerneyMID$189,00048-2
The players with negative Breakevens in AFL Fantasy