Preseason 2023

Practice Match Review: Brisbane Vs Geelong

On a beautiful Thursday evening in Ipswich, the reigning premiers Geelong took on the Lions at Brighton Homes Arena. We’ve got plenty of fantasy-relevant names to discuss, so let’s check out my game review.

2023 Practice Match Watchlist

For one last time in 2023, we get a ‘free look’ at our players before the commencement of round one. So we asked the panel to pick one player per side they’ve got on their watchlist and why they are heading into this weekend of games. 

The Countdown Begins

The 2023 Preseason is reaching its peak, and before we know it, the teams will be named, the ball will bounce, and with that, the season has begun! All your thoughts, research, conversations and team tampering have all been locked away, and the stage is now set.

Do you have a parachute plan?

Have you spent months agonising over your starting squad? Has your team seen hundreds of changes and iterations of it’s structure? As we near round one, the focus must evolve from just the starting squad to what happens in your team post-round one. And for that reason, you need a parachute plan.

In The Mix For Pick One | Keeper League

As we enter a new AFL season, existing keeper league coaches are entrenched in list management decisions. The trade decisions and delisting discussions have kept coaches busy over the summer. However, some keeper leagues are a brand new and exciting format of fantasy footy, and coaches have some significant decisions with the coveted first pick in the draft. Do they draft who’s dominating now? Invest in some potential future stars? Or somewhere in between? Drafting philosophies of keepers is something we’ll unpack over the preseason. But for now, here are the players I believe are in the mix for the number one pick for a brand new keeper league.

Ten premiums in AFLFantasy with low ownership

Every preseason it happens in AFLFantasy. Certain premiums get all the love from the community, while others fade into the distance. Here are ten premiums in AFLFantasy with low ownership that have the potential to be among the best in their eligible lines.

2023 Match Simulation Watchlist

Over the coming days, AFL clubs will participate in some unofficial match simulations. This will be the clubs first opportunity of the offseason against an opponent. The time length of each will vary, some opting for traditional quarters while others are running upwards of seven periods to allow a good workout for the full squads. While making wholesale changes to your fantasy sides might not be wise, it will give us our first glimpses of some things to watch. As a result, here are some players on the Coaches Panel watchlist for the upcoming match simulations.

#1 Most Relevant | Josh Dunkley

After a failed attempt to leave the Bulldogs a few seasons ago, Josh Dunkley got his wish and found his way to a footballing life outside the kennel. As a Lion, I believe he’s the most relevant player in SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam for 2023.  PLAYER PROFILE Name: Josh DunkleyAge: 26Club: Brisbane LionsPosition: Midfield/Forward 2022 Highest

#2 Most Relevant | Jackson Macrae

For nearly a decade, Jackson Macrae has been a staple in our SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam sides. For many, he’s ripe for the picking again in 2023, while some look past him in favour of other options. But whatever the outcome, Macrae is set to be one of the most relevant players for fantasy AFL this season.