Delete Your Team And Start Again

Clear the decks, don’t save any remnant of it, do whatever you can and delete the team from existence. I know it feels like you’ve struck upon fantasy utopia and eliminating the team now will undo months of hard work. Now is the time to delete your team and start again.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Right now your team is stuck in fantasy purgatory and what you’ve got right now will be the undoing of your season if you do not make this change.

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Since first creating your team, potentially as early as December when the team pickers opened up so much has changed between now and then.

Whether it be injuries to premiums, key rookies emerging, role changes within sides and that’s all with seeing a few ‘competitive’ games of football with the Marsh Series wrapping up last week.

By deleting your side the fear of ‘losing’ everything is great, but rather what this exercise does is it does is empowers you to look at every player, every line and maximise the information and resources you’ve consumed to create a side based on all the absorbed data.

No longer are you trying to squeeze players ‘in and out’ around a particular player or look for reasons to keep a person in, but letting the data and knowledge determine your direction.

So try it out, see what happens you may find players, structures and strategies you’ve been battling with for weeks all find a natural way of landing smoothly. I know when I did it this week it changed everything and I was able to see a structure that is now barring injury I’ll use entering into the season.

Good luck! Step out and take a risk. I can’t wait to hear the results of what happens for you.