Possible DPP’s | Round 12

Before rounds 6, 12 and 18, the gang at Champion Data add some new DPP into the game. After round 5 concludes on Monday, the first list of names and positions will be released. Historically, players need a minimum of 35% to be considered for a new allocation in a new position. So, we have in-season DPP additions for the first time in SuperCoach & DreamTeam history. For AFLFantasy coaches, you are an old hand at these. So let’s see which players are locks, close or no chance of getting DPP.

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Adam Kennedy

The likely addition of Adam Kennedy is not exciting at all. But on the current scoring trend, it’s a significant addition for draft coaches. Over the last five weeks, he’s had multiple 80+ scores across the formats. So depending on the depth of your league, it could prove an astute pick up if the DPP lands.

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Jayden Short

Over the last month, we’ve seen a significant change in how the Tigers use Jayden Short. Over the first six weeks of the year, he was barely sighted outside of the halfback flank. However, he’s averaging 49% of centre bounces from round seven onwards and should be an easy addition to pick up DEF/MID status. At first glance, it might not feel relevant, but with the multi byes just moments away, squad versatility is at a premium. Having multiple DPP movements within our side can be the difference between getting up to or above 18 players on the field. Helpful likely addition.

Connor Rozee

In round six Connor Rozee was flung into the deep end of the midfield with a season-high CBA of 73%. Since then, he’s been regularly attending over 50% of the game as a centre bounce midfielder. He’s done his job as a money maker and should now be traded out of sides that own him in classic formats as he’s now maxed out his cash generation. Regardless, the addition of MID/FWD status is warranted.

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Sam Berry

Since forcing his way back into the Crows AFL side, Sam Berry has been a regular at centre bounces for Adelaide. He’s averaging well over 50% of CBA’s, including a season-high of 70% in round five. Any player that gains midfield status becomes a significant boost to the owner as it further enhances squad flexibility.

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Darcy Cameron

The injury to Brodie Grundy has created an opportunity for Darcy Cameron, and he has taken t with both hands. In the last few weeks since becoming the #1 ruck, he is averaging over 100. Nobody should be surprised, but Darcy is a walkup RUC/FWD gain. Depending on the current owner’s state of ruckmen or forwards, this DPP flexibility could be a massive help now and through the byes.

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Mark Blicavs

The annual Geelong ruckmen merry go round has continued into another year. This time, Mark Blicavs appears to be the flavour of the month of the Cats coaching staff. Since round four, his attendance at centre bounces has ranged from 15% right through to 90%. Over the last six weeks, he’s done more than enough to get RUC status added. If I had confidence that Blics was staying as the Cats first choice ruck, he’d be a premium option in classic formats. Instead, in the last seven weeks, he’s averaging 105 in AFLFantasy and 109 in SuperCoach. RUC/DEF is a helpful an versatile positional gain for drafts owners and those who love to take a unnecessary risk in classic.

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Marcus Bontempelli

This year the understanding of how players become eligible for a new position has become clearer than before. Champion Data (the gatekeepers of positions) has recently stated that positions are determined partly due to where a player starts at centre bounce. Last weekend he spent 53% of the time as a ‘forward’, putting his new total forward time at approximately 39%. In short, barring him playing and starting 100% of his time on the field as a pure midfielder, he’s a walk-up lock to be a MID/FWD this time next week. Make space for him in your upgrade plans; you don’t want to miss him, especially while he still represents value.

Rowan Marshall

The addition of RUC/FWD status for Rowan Marshall isn’t a certainty, but it is likely. Throughout the season, he’s had five matches where he attended over 50%of CBA’s, including a season-high of 87% in round one. Thankfully over the last three games, he hasn’t attended over 35% of centre bounces, meaning unless he rucks solo this weekend against North Melbourne, we should be getting another RUC/FWD. He might not be a top-six forward from here, but he could be close enough and offer some handy flexibility if CBA’s also looking to own Tim English in a He’s side. 

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Bailey Smith

Earlier in the article, I said that a players starting position at the centre bounce is a primary decision factor in DPP allocation. For Bailey Smith, he’s playing through the midfield. However, when not at a centre bounce, he often starts at half-forward and then pushes high up the wings and flanks. Last weekend according to Champion Data, he was deemed as spending 49% of his game time as a forward on the weekend. He is now over the 35% threshold, and should he start inside forward 50 in just a handful of CBA’s against West Coast this weekend; then he too will be a MID/FWD. He’s not the value pick right now, but post bye if you’re a non-owner, you’ll want to create margin in your forward line to trade into him.

Ben Hobbs

One of the easiest decisions from Champion for this allocation of DPPs will be to hand forward status to Essendon’s Ben Hobbs. The inside midfield bull is finding his way at the AFL level. As a result, he’s playing forward and getting drip-fed some midfield opportunities. He’s currently on most coaches benches as a moneymaker, but during the bye rounds, he could add some versatility to maximise players on the field.

Robbie McComb

Another cash cow, Robbie McComb, has almost done his job for owners as he starts to hit the upper parts of his breakeven. Lock in this DPP addition. Robbie’s playing a predominant forward 50 role. He’ll give coaches additional joy in round 12 when coaches can opt to play him forward or as a midfielder when this DPP lands. 

Buku Khamis

You need to play six games to qualify for additional positions. Even if Buku plays this weekend, he’ll have only played five. So he won’t pick up DPP. That’ll be frustrating for coaches hoping to use the DEF/FWD versatility during the bye rounds.

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Max Gawn

It’s wishful thinking for coaches, but it won’t be happening. Max Gawn is splitting his role outside of the ruck, but it’s not enough time for him to be in contention to get DPP. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams on this one. 

Travis Boak

Travis Boak attended 73.5% of Port Adelaide’s centre bounces between rounds one to six. However, that’s dipped to just 48% over the last five weeks. In these games, he’s picked up increasingly more time as a forward 50 option. The trend away from the midfield role is positive, but it’s not a heavy enough split just yet for champion data to award it. A potential round 18 gain if we’re lucky.