Ripe For The Picking | Round 7

As we enter into round seven of the 2020 season it’s time to look players are ripe for the picking over the next few weeks.

One thing that separates good coaches from great coaches is that they aren’t just looking at trades for this week. Rather great coaches are looking multiple weeks ahead at who could be ready to be traded into their teams. In this new series, we look at players who this week and the following two weeks will have likely bottomed out in price and could be a tasty trade target for your side.

Each week we’ll focus on the players in DreamTeam and SuperCoach you should be forecasting to bring into your side. The reason AFLFantasy isn’t included is that due to the way they’ve orchestrated the pricing almost every week a player is a realistic chance of obtaining their breakeven.

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NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverage
Brodie Grundy$679,400RUC139132
Josh Kelly$584,200MID127105
Adam Treloar$613,500MID117121
Jackson Macrae$578,900MID110108
Patrick Dangerfield$585,500MID92108
Stephen Coniglio$475,600MID7894
Matt Crouch$537,500MID78100
Tim Kelly$500,000MID7595
Rory Laird$486,200DEF10189
Darcy Byrnne-Jones$407,100DEF9781
Toby Greene$471,000FWD8688
Darcy Parish$395,400MID/FWD8170
NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverage
Jake Lloyd$737,700DEF7483
Rory Laird$635,500DEF7170
James Sicily$591,100DEF5569
Clayton Oliver$738,100MID9682
Josh Kelly$770,600MID9581
Marcus Bontempelli$658,300MID9569
Jack Macrae$752,100MID8783
Brad Crouch$732,100MID8679
Patrick Dangerfield$724,600MID8178
Tom Mitchell$690,100MID6879
Stephen Coniglio$645,300MID5573
Michael Walters$696,900MID/FWD8582
Toby Greene$635,200FWD6669
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NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverageProjected Price*
Caleb Daniel$547,900DEF132102$537,600
James Sicily$510,400DEF12297$496,100
Jack Crisp$498,800DEF13293$485,400
Daniel Rich$489,400DEF11290$479,300
Travis Boak$595,600MID145115$579,600
Clayton Oliver$573,800MID133108$560,800
Dustin Martin$481,100MID/FWD12289$467,300
Michael Walters$572,600MID/FWD135113$558,100
Bailey Smith$435,800MID/FWD13291$417,200
Gary Ablett$436,300FWD10984$425,700
Connor Rozee$369,200FWD10977$351,100
*Projected price in this timeframe based on projected scoring
NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverageProjected Price*
Jack Crisp$619,700DEF10766$594,100
Caleb Daniel$610,400DEF9565$593,600
Patrick Cripps$703,600MID11479$680,000
Travis Boak$730,200MID10183$715,900
Brodie Grundy$877,100RUC13896$839,800
Dustin Martin$607,800MID/FWD10564$578,600
Bailey Smith$510,100MID/FWD8567$506,100
Chad Wingard$626,100MID/FWD11675$595,500
*Projected price in this timeframe based on projected scoring
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NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverageProjected Price*
Nat Fyfe$639,000MID218114.8$571,900
Ben Cunnington$562,900MID205102.3$482,500
Mitch Duncan$555,300MID194101.2$467,400
Zach Merrett$578,900MID192104$507,900
Andrew Gaff$558,500MID176106$508,300
Luke Parker$557,700MID171104$502,200
Marcus Bontempelli$570,700MID161101$546,500
Patrick Cripps$551,800MID150101$502,700
Chad Wingard$484,300MID/FWD17393$408,500
Shannon Hurn$455,800DEF15985$392,400
Harris Andrews$447,800DEF13685$419,500
*Projected price in this timeframe based on projected scoring
NamePricePositionCurrent BreakevenAverageProjected Price*
Andrew Gaff$781,900MID15288$690,000
Mitch Duncan$728,800MID14276$630,000
Zach Merrett$737,200MID13875$660,100
Nat Fyfe$682,100MID13573$610,000
*Projected price in this timeframe based on projected scoring