SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 7

It’s a strange feeling coming to the end of a weekend without having major issues. This weekend was reasonably uneventful considering the last three weeks (or seven weeks for some). Of course, we’ve all got issues, but from a SuperCoach perspective we had no major injuries, no inconsiderate reports, and no significant concussions. To be fair, we didn’t really have any major scores either but that’s something we all have to deal with. 

Given the calm weekend we’ve just had let’s take a look through the positional lines and see who performed well. These next few weeks may bring with it an opportunity to plan well into the byes and help our scoring potential too.

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In defence Steven May, Bachar Houli, and Alex Keath were the top three scorers. May and Houli are particularly relevant for us. With the terrible injury to Tomlinson we don’t exactly know how Melbourne are going to go forward in their structure. However, it may provide May with a more significant role and in turn increase the possibility to score well. He will be a key player in the backline for the rest of the season and had a great game on Sunday. In many respects May is an easy jump. He will shore up our defence and do so at a low cost of 408K. His current ownership of 0.8% will surely rise in coming weeks, as will his value. 

Houli has been a mainstay for many Supercoach defences. He’s a tried and trusted player and showed us that this week. At only 1.1% ownership he’s a significant POD and only 468K. There would be concerns over the possibility of injury and lack of fitness thus far in the season, but if we’re honest we take this risk with others (ahem, Zac Williams) and he’s only going to get more consistent as the weeks go on. 

It looks like it’s time to move on some of our defensive rookies, the likes of Heath Chapman and Changkuoth Jiath, and in doing so grabbing a May or a Houli isn’t much of a stretch. In departing with Jiath you can pick up May or Caleb Daniel and make a profit. Something to think about at least. 

The top midfielder this week, Zak Jones, isn’t particularly Supercoach relevant. Given he is only in 225 teams you can tell our community isn’t overly confident in him. However, Ben Cunnington and Brandon Ellis, who came in as the second and third respectively, may be more so. Ellis in-particular has shown some good consistency since round two. He would also be a great POD with only 848 coaches recruiting him so far.

I’m personally a little bullish on a couple of others that performed well this weekend, Hugh Greenwood and Tim Kelly. Greenwood has a great ceiling, but does seem up and down like my cryptocurrency investments. Kelly hasn’t had a great season so far, but we do know what he’s capable of. He busted out a 131 this week and is someone worth watching come the bye rounds. 

As for our rucks, it’s always going to be Gawn and Grundy. Except when it isn’t. And that happened to be this week. It’s an unfamiliar sight to see such a low score for Gawn, but Grundy again performed well by bringing in a 144. I ended up shoring up my ruck strategy through the sale of Dunkley during the week and was happy with the decision. I know a number of others who did the same. My only error, not having him as VC. 

I don’t really want to spend much time looking at the forward line. 


It’s just horrible. 

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The highest score was a 123 from Jack Darling. Shai Bolton is in the mix, I suppose. He’s now strung a good few games together and is useful as a DPP option. Other than that, of the 15 forwards who tonned up this weekend (minus Daniher and Ziebell) all have very low ownership. There is very little to write home about. 

To finish up this week I want to throw a conversation starter out to you re: our forward line. 

Would you consider Jordan De Goey

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Yes, you read that right. 

Look, I know, he hasn’t had the season we were all promised. He’s in terrible form in a team that is in terrible form. I know all the reasons why we shouldn’t even consider the question. 


He’s under 300K already and he’ll be about 250K in two weeks time. There aren’t many forward options, there’s cash to be made, and surely his season can only get better. Did I mention his low-price? Something to consider? Maybe? 

On that note I shall leave and let you carry on with your day. All the best for next weekend! 

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