Tag: Defender

#1 Most Relevant | Nick Daicos

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Nick Daicos has made an indelible mark on the AFL landscape in just two short years, showcasing a career trajectory many veterans would envy. From clinching the Rising Star award to being adorned with an Anzac Day medal, earning his inaugural All-Australian honours, and even securing a

#7 Most Relevant | Hayden Young

The breakout for Hayden Young was tipped to come in 2023. But were we 12 months early? Based on his ownership percentage and a change in team role, he looms as one of the most relevant players in the coming SuperCoach & AFLFantasy season.

#10 Most Relevant | Zac Williams

Another year was ruined by injuries for Zac Williams in 2023. The former Giant and now Carlton defender suffered a season-ending ACL injury before his year started. He’s now back in the mix for selection for the Blues and our SuperCoach & AFL Fantasy teams. The question is, are you ready to get hurt again? Or does he hold an undeniable value that we must select him?

#18 Most Relevant | Tom Stewart

Diving into the AFLFantasy & SuperCoach prowess of Geelong’s Tom Stewart, we analyze his standout performances and consider his role evolution ahead of the 2024 AFL season

#24 Most Relevant | James Sicily

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? James Sicily, the Hawthorn defender and captain, is renowned in the AFL for his distinctive style of play and robust strengths on the field. Sicily combines a rare blend of aggression, composure, and football intelligence as a defender, making him a formidable presence in the backline.

#26 Most Relevant | Jack Sinclair

Dive into the multifaceted world of fantasy football where Jack Sinclair emerges as a key figure for fantasy coaches, offering a blend of top-tier defence and strategic advantage for the early part of the season. Uncover the intricacies of backline structuring and how Sinclair’s role, especially at Marvel Stadium post-bye, could be pivotal in balancing your team against other premium defenders like Nick Daicos.

#27 Most Relevant | Nasiah Waganeen-Milera

Step into the evolving world of St Kilda’s backline and discover how Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera is navigating the shifting tides, poised for a breakthrough in his third AFL season. Unravel the complexities of Saints team dynamics and personal growth that could catapult this young star into the fantasy football spotlight.

#28 Most Relevant | Keidean Coleman

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Keidean Coleman is a dynamic presence for the Brisbane Lions, particularly noted for his smooth and effective play-off half-back. His teammates prefer getting the ball into his hands, recognizing his ability to efficiently rebound out of the defensive 50 and initiate the team’s forward movements. Coleman’s skill

#29 Most Relevant | Jayden Short

Explore the strategic fantasy football potential of Jayden Short, Richmond Tigers’ key defender, as we analyze his evolving role in the team’s dynamics and the impact of new coaching strategies under Adam Yze.

Delve into how Short’s significant market share, potential growth areas, and favourable early bye-round position him as both a reliable starter and a valuable upgrade target in your fantasy lineup.

#32 Most Relevant | Harry Sheezel

“Explore the fantasy football prospects of North Melbourne’s rising star, Harry Sheezel, as we delve into his potential impact and role in the upcoming season. Uncover why Sheezel, with his impressive scoring ability and crucial game time during bye rounds, is a player to watch closely and consider as a key target in your fantasy strategy.”