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How to Become a Successful Keeper League Coach

How do you have and maintain a successful keeper league side? It’s a question at the Coaches Panel we get often asked. Multiple variables go into making a successful keeper side, so I wrote a list of eight tips to help you be a top-keeper league coach. 

UltimateFooty | Additional Positions for 2022 Revealed

Every year, UltimateFooty reveals an additional group of Dual Position players, which extends the changes handed down by champion data. Let’s take a look through the seventeen additional players and their relevance to your UltimateFooty Drafts.

2020 Draft Rankings

Is your draft happening over this weekend? As a loyal Coaches Panel patreon member here are the rankings, I’ve created for the 2020 season.

UltimateFooty | Potential DPP’s for 2020

After the initial release, there is often an imbalance – as there is this time with top-end forward-listed players. So will the UltimateFooty gods throw us a bone and grant a few more DPPs? And who could they be?

UltimateFooty: Round 12 Positional Changes

In total 10 players have gained an additional position, three players have gained back status, two gaining centre, one ruck addition while four have picked up forward status. Let’s look at who they are and the relevance to your draft sides and leagues.