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UltimateFooty | Free Agency Pick Ups | Round 10

A two-time premiership star gets a look this week as well as an All-Australian defender that has lost his mojo. Plus, a Melbourne forward who could very well be their good luck charm, and maybe yours too.

9 Things No Fantasy Footy Coach Could Predict

2020 is a year like we’ve never seen and hopefully never see again. As fantasy footy coaches, we all make big pre-season predictions, and one of the most satisfying things is nailing a big call. Now that we are four weeks into the season I thought we should look back and discuss 9 things that no Fantasy Footy coach could predict would happen in 2020

Marsh Community Series Review | Giants Vs Tigers

A replay of last years boring Grand Final (unless you’re a Tigers fan.) This time the result was very different. Sadly for them, they didn’t even pick up premiership points. Regardless of the result, we learnt plenty from a fantasy footy perspective.