Team Reveal: Rids

I wanted to take a different strategy into AFL Fantasy this year. It is the first time I will be taking this format seriously.

Point One

I wanted to have a deep midfield but also mix it up with guys who have an excellent early draw – Seb Ross (Gold Coast, Ess, Freo and Hawks first 4) as well as guys who I think represent value just under the true premium price tags – Rockliff, B.Crouch and Taranto.

Point 2

I see zero value in Gawn and Grundy from the start, so I wanted to select two guys who I think will minimise the point damage early but also who have the bye after round 13. This way I can upgrade through the byes one if not both of the rucks to make sure I get the best playing 18 I can. I think Jacobs and Witts could match Gawn and Grundy for total points playing an extra game through 13 rounds.

Point 3

The backline is very thin this year. The new rules are a total unknown, and it is an utter guess trying to work out who it favours and doesn’t favour. So instead of guessing, I have decided to load up on the value guys and rookies. I will try and upgrade one by one through the season proper when the draw dictates which premium to select.

Point 4

Because I am taking a risk in the backline, it is crucial for me to select the three best premium options available in the forward line. I think Danger, Dunkley and Billings represent that for this year. Then I wanted to go unique with f4 so I could push Parker to the bench. There aren’t heaps of scoring depth across the rookies in 2019, so I will try and select the cheaper ones and hope for the best.

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