UltimateFooty | Possible DPP Additions | Round Nine

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15, the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in the season. On Wednesday, we’ll confirm with you exclusively which players WILL gain a new position, but before then, here are some players we believe would be in consideration for obtaining a new positional status.

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David Swallow | ADD BACK

I’m borderline on whether UltimateFooty allocates this for David Swallow. For the better part of the first six weeks, he’s spent the primary function across the halfback for the Suns. However, he’s attended 72%, 68%, and 53% of centre bounces in his last three games. So if he hasn’t got it to this point, I doubt he’ll get it now. Nevertheless, who knows, maybe we get the legacy addition. 

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Sam Berry | ADD CENTRE

Since forcing his way back into the Crows AFL side, Sam Berry has been a regular at centre bounces for Adelaide. He’s averaging well over 50% of CBA’s, including a season-high of 70% in round five. Any player that gains centre status becomes a significant boost to the owner as it further enhances squad flexibility. Pencil this DPP in to happen on Wednesday.

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Darcy Cameron | ADD RUC

The injury to Brodie Grundy has created an opportunity for Darcy Cameron, and he has taken it with both hands. In the last three weeks since becoming the #1 ruck, he is averaging 103. Nobody should be surprised, but Darcy is a walkup RUC/FWD gain. Depending on the current owner’s state of ruckmen or forwards, this DPP flexibility could be a massive help.

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Robbie McComb | ADD FWD

With an average of 56 as a centre, only Robbie McComb is someone that’s not rosterable in most leagues. And in most leagues, even with the probably FWD status addition, he’s not on most coaches radars. But in deeper leagues with large squads, he might just be the reason you dodge a donut for a match or two.

Connor Macdonald | ADD FWD

The Hawks are in rebuild mode, and as a result, some of the future midfielders are getting the education of playing multiple roles beyond just centre bounces. The junior ball magnet plays his role through the midfield and as a small-medium forward. It might not help single-season draft leagues, but a good pick up for keeper and dynasty leagues.

Ben Hobbs | ADD FWD

Like Connor above, the potential MID/FWD gain for Ben Hobbs might not be a relevant inclusion in a single-season league. However, it is a promising trajectory in keeper and dynasty leagues. Ben Hobbs is learning his craft with small opportunities in the midfield for the bombers. The contested bull is spending most time inside the Essendon forward 50. It should be an easy add for the gang at UltimateFooty.

Marcus Bontempelli | ADD FWD

Please do not get your hopes up, but this is a small chance. UltimateFooty generally looks for a primary role change which can be upwards of a 70% position change before awarding a new DPP. For example, Marcus Bontempelli is splitting his time between MID-FWD, but is the split heavy enough forward to gain the status? Unlikely, but in the words of Lloyd Christmas in the movie dumb and dumber, ‘so you’re telling me there’s a chance.’

Bailey Smith| ADD FWD

Bailey Smith is in a very similar position to his skipper Bont. The difference is Bailey is starting across half-froward and then pushing up and down the ground with his high endurance. Is a position change certain? No! Possible? Yes! Likely? We’ll know the answer within 48 hours. 

Jarrod Berry | ADD FWD

Jarrod Berry was a feature in the Lions centre bounces at the start of the season. Over the first five rounds of the year, he had multiple games that he attended over 60% centre bounces. However, more recently, he’s been squeezed onto the wing and playing some defensive focussed forward roles. The gang at UltimateFooty may look for some more data before pulling the positional trigger. But if they do award the status, it could be a season-saving move for him. Currently, Berry is averaging in the high 60s, which is poor for a centre-listed option even in deep leagues. As a MID/FWD, he’d move from the depth of coaches benches to a potentially playable forward. 

Patrick Lipinski | ADD FWD

After a dazzling ton in round one, Patrick Lipinski is yet to hit the heights of his debut game as a Pie. Part of the reason is the former Bulldog is playing across the half-forward flank when not at centre bounces. He’s a strong chance to pick up forward status and will provide an instant boost to his owners forward stocks.