UltimateFooty | Possible DPP Additions | Round Twelve

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15, the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in the season. On Wednesday, we’ll confirm with you exclusively which players WILL gain a new position, but before then, here are some players we believe would be in consideration for obtaining a new positional status.

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Harry Himmelberg | ADD BACK

I never thought I’d ever do a ‘DPP’ write up for Harry Himmelberg; he seemed destined to always be a tall target inside the Giants forward line. However, in rounds 10 & 11, he was thrown into a key defensive position under a new coaching regime. To his credit, he’s looked very good there, and his scoring has taken a considerable bump. After having just one score over 70 between rounds 1-9, he’s scored a 74 & 101 in this new role.

Given that it’s been only two games of data in this updated role, it’s unlikely the UltimateFooty will allocate the back status, but it’s still possible. Regardless, it could be an astute early pick, given he’s scoring well enough as a forward to be someone your play on the ground. If not now, it will happen at the round 15 allocations should the role hold.

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Tom Atkins | ADD CENTRE

The role change of Tom Atkins has been sudden and obvious at Geelong over the past three weeks. Over this stretch of games, he’s attended 29%, 73% & 73% of centre bounces for the Cats. Tom’s hard at it contested nature has thrived as a centre bounce midfielder, and his scoring has increased as a direct result. Between rounds 1-9, his top score was 81. However, in the previous three games, he’s posted an 87, 96 & 82. The likely addition of centre status might not help you on field centre line scoring, but if he holds this role, he will be selected on the field in your backline given the good scores. 

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Jarrod Berry | ADD FWD

Jarrod Berry was a feature in the Lions centre bounces at the start of the season. Over the first five rounds of the year, he had multiple games that he attended over 60% centre bounces. However, more recently, he’s been squeezed onto the wing and playing some defensive focussed forward roles. The gang at UltimateFooty may look for some more data before pulling the positional trigger. But if they do award the status, it could be a season-saving move for him. Currently, Berry is averaging in the low 70s, which is poor for a centre-listed option even in deep leagues. As a MID/FWD, he’d move from the depth of coaches benches to a potentially playable forward. 

Patrick Lipinski | ADD FWD

After a dazzling ton in round one, Patrick Lipinski is yet to hit the heights of his debut game as a Pie. Part of the reason is the former Bulldog is playing across the half-forward flank when not at centre bounces. He’s a strong chance to pick up forward status and will provide an instant boost to his owner’s forward stocks.

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James Peatling | ADD FWD

James Peatling has played just four games throughout the season, but that’s enough game data to make him eligible for gaining DPP. In rounds 10 & 11, the Giants have used him as one of the more successful avenues to goal up forward. In the 39% of leagues where he’s unowned, James will be someone coaches are grabbing off waiver wire that plays through the byes. Especially after scores of 119 & 89 in the past fortnight. A walk up addition for the gang at UlttimateFooty.

Jason Horne-Francis | ADD FWD

The ‘rookies of the year’ for single-season draft coaches are easily Nic Martin and Nic Daicos. Both have been phenomenal since their round one debut. And have over delivered on value based on where they were drafted. But, long term, Jason Horne-Francis will be a beauty and will be a highly desired prospect to own for the better part of the next decade.

North Melbourne has looked to him as part of their forward 50 solutions by giving him plenty of time to play as a forward. Since round six, he hasn’t attended over 50% of North’s centre bounces. An average of 67 for a centre is practically un-rosterable. However, he could now be someone to look at as a forward bench option for a single season league. Excitingly for a keeper and dynasty league owner, this is a positive sign that he’ll enter 2023 with MID/FWD DPP.

Buku Khamis | ADD FWD

An absolute no brainer gain in my eyes! Lock it in, adding forward staus to Bulldogs’ Buku Khamis. He’s not someone to rush out and own with an average of 51 and just one score north of 50, but the gaining of this status is 100% with merit. 

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