UltimateFooty | Possible DPP Additions | Round Twelve

After rounds 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15, the drafting format of Ultimate Footy awards additional player positions to players that have had a role change in the season. On Wednesday, we’ll confirm with you exclusively which players WILL gain a new position, but before then, here are some players we believe would be in consideration for obtaining a new positional status.

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Andrew McGrath | ADD BACK

During the preseason, Andrew McGrath was one of the most hyped players. With an ADP of 76.3, it’s fair to say owners are slightly underwhelmed with an average of 81 and just three tons. The addition of back status will revitalise his owners as he’s now moved from being ranked the 74th best centre by average to being inside the top 35 backs. His DPP gain is easily the biggest impact on the drafts sides from this batch of new allocations.

Oliver Florent | ADD BACK

The Swans midfield and defensive unit has undergone a drastic change over 12 months. For Oli Florent, he’s been squeezed off the wings, with Justin McInerney and Errol Gulden taking the major share. For Oli, his run and carry have been deployed across the half-back flanks. He’s hardly banging the door down as a strong performer with an average of 66 and just five scores 70+ all year. But the addition of back status now moves him from someone that is barely rosterable to someone you could place as an emergency in your backline. A huge relevance gain because he is now arguably valuable to draft coaches. 

Brady Hough | ADD BACK

Single season leagues probably won’t get too excited by this addition. Especially with the Eagles cavalry starting to return, it won’t shock me to see Brady Hough squeezed out of the West Coast lineup. But it’s keeper and dynasty league coaches that might be paying a little more attention. Hough has looked at home across the Eagles halfback flank, and his round 11 score of 99 against the Bulldogs shows that he can score well within the teams structure and style. So depending on the depth of ‘keepers’, be may be worth a stash on your list.

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Isaac Heeney | ADD CENTRE

Isaac Heeney was meant to be the great hope in our forwards this year. And he started string in 2022 with four tons and an additional 90+ score in the first five rounds. However, since then, he’s had just two scores of 80+. The addition of DPP this round appears to be more about a legacy addition of what he’s done over the totality of the year. One can only assume his round 10 match, where he attended 48% of centre bounces, was enough to push him over the UltimateFooty seasonal percentage threshold. Regardless, a DPP addition it will help squad flexibility for owners. 

Anthony Scott| ADD CENTRE

Getting centre status isn’t just about whether or not you start at centre bounces. So for those wondering why Anthony Scott has got it, don’t go looking for CBA’s. He’s got none. Rather, the positional allocation can only be put down to the fact he’s getting some opportunity to play on the Bulldogs wings. He’s in a small percentage of leagues, and given he’s had just one score over 60 all year, he’s not someone to go and chase. 

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Connor Rozee | ADD CENTRE

In round six, Connor Rozee was flung into the deep end of the midfield with a season-high CBA of 73%. Since then, he’s been regularly attending over 50% of the game as a centre bounce midfielder. Of course, his relevance won’t skyrocket like any centre gains, but the versatility adds to your squad is helpful, especially if you play through the byes. 

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Mason Cox | ADD RUCK

Plenty has been made about the emergence of Darcy Cameron as the Magpies first choice ruck since Brodie Grundy went down injured. But he’s not had exclusive access to the role, especially over the past three weeks. Last week, Mason attended 43% of the Magpies centre bounces, a season-high for him and for whichever Magpie was used as ‘second fiddle ruck.’ His seasonal average of 43 isn’t amazing, but the timing of the DPP could be the difference between some deeper leagues fielding a 0 this week or not. He’s owned in just 7% of leagues, and beyond those very deep leagues couldn’t advocate for grabbing him. 

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Buku Khamis | ADD FORWARD

Buku Khamis is not someone to rush out and own with an average of 51 and just one score north of 50, but the gaining of this status is 100% with merit. 

James Peatling | ADD FORWARD

James Peatling has played just four games throughout the season, but that’s enough game data to make him eligible for gaining DPP. In rounds 10 & 11, the Giants have used him as one of the more successful avenues to goal up forward. In the 39% of leagues where he’s unowned, James will be someone coaches are grabbing off waiver wire that plays through the byes. Especially after scores of 119 & 89 in the past fortnight.

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Ivan Soldo | ADD FORWARD

Upon first glance, the allocation of forward status to Ivan Soldo seems quite irrelevant to leagues. An average of 49 and just three scores over 50 isn’t screaming ‘pick me.’ However, for deeper draft leagues and especially category leagues, he can become quite relevant, especially if the category of hitouts has a premium. 


One of the easiest decisions from UltimateFooty for this allocation of DPPs will be to hand forward status to Essendon’s Ben Hobbs. The inside midfield bull is finding his way at the AFL level. As a result, he’s playing forward and getting drip-fed some midfield opportunities. He could add some versatility to maximise players on the field especially during the byes.