AFLFantasy | Possible DPP Additions | Round 12

Before round 6, 12 and 18, the gang at AFLFantasy team up with Champion Data to add some new DPP into the game. After round 5, the first list of names and positions will be released. Historically, AFLFantasy has said that players need a minimum of 35% to be considered for a new allocation in a new position. So let’s see which players are locks, close or no chance of getting DPP.

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With scores of 86 & 74 in the opening 2 weeks, it looks as though the Suns had unearthed another player. However, since round 7, he’s had only 1 score over 50. Jy spent his time previously as a forward in the SANFL, but the Suns have developed him into a defender, and to be fair, he’s playing his role. Chances are you’ve traded him out already, but for those who haven’t, it just makes trading him out even easier.

Chayce Jones | ADD DEFENDER

It’s not a high fantasy relevant gain, given his top score is 56 for the year. However, it looks as though Chayce might have just found his home at the AFL level. The former first round pick has struggled at times to get his hands on the ball at the top level. Jones has shown glimpses of his elite running, creative ball use and defensive endeavour across half back in the previous fortnight. If he plays this role against the Tigers this week, he should have done enough to be a DPP addition.

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Over the past few weeks, the Tigers have been destroyed by injuries through the midfield. It’s meant their coaching staff has had to get creative with who plays through the midfield. Liam Baker has played heavily through the midfield last few weeks. It looks like this was enough to give the premiership tiger a new DPP. Handy again for owners trying to maximise on field players during the bye rounds.

James Harmes | ADD MIDFIELD

Normally the addition of midfield status is the least helpful for coaches. It rarely adds to any increase of on-field scoring but rather adds some squad versatility. While this is true for James Harmes, the timing is also helpful for coaches who play through the bye rounds or care about rankings. This DPP might help you with field scores if your scampering for every available option.

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The ‘bull in a China shop’ midfielder has evolved his game over the past 4 weeks. It’s no coincidence that since the Giants have gotten that midfield balance right, they’ve started to win plenty of footy games. GWS had a very talented but one dimensional midfield with Tom Green, Callan Ward, and Tim Taranto leading the clubs centre bounces earlier. However, over the last month, Green has spent a growing amount of time playing (not just resting) forward and creating some real headaches for the opposition.

In his first 5 games of the season, he kicked just two goals in total. In the past month he’s kicked 2.1, 0.0, 1.0 & 2.2. Clearly, he’s spending more time forward and impacting the scoreboard. It’s translating to an increase in AFLFantasy scores. Over his first 5 games of the season, he averaged 58 with a top score of 77.

In the last four weeks, he’s averaging 95 with a top score of 114. If he gains DPP, he’s a legit cheap option as he’ll still be priced under $600k. With matches against North Melbourne, Carlton & Hawthorn after the bye, it looks like a genuinely good pick.


I really like Sam Berry as a player. He adds something to an Adelaide Crows side that, for a few years, they’ve lacked. That being a hard at it defensive mindset and a player that loves to tackle. He averages 5.3 tackles per game, and in time, the other elements of his game will develop. As that happens, the Crows are letting him build along nicely as an occasional midfielder, but more so as a pressure forward. His average of 50 isn’t anything to flash, but it’s his DPP and round 14 bye that’ll help coaches over the next month.

Shaun Higgins | ADD FORWARD

Shaun has filled the void left by the Goat Gary Ablett in the Cats forward line. With scores of 78,85 & 120 since returning from injury, he moves from a probable bench option as a centre to an on-field forward. He’s a handy draft leagues pick up. At $569,000 isn’t the worst post-bye round purchase if you think he has a few more tons left in him.

Jason Johannisen | ADD FORWARD

As part of Luke Beveridge’s annual ‘wheel of positions’, the 2016 Norm Smith Medalist has been deployed inside the bulldogs forward 50. The club loves his run and carry, and given they have an abundance of half backs to fit them all in; they’ve needed to develop some in new roles. Beyond last weeks game against the Saints, he’s shown little to suggest that this role change is fantasy friendly.