Marsh Community Series | Lions Vs Power

The Power and the Lions did battle in the final Marsh Community Series match of the weekend. It was your typical bruise-free encounter, but we got to see some very fantasy-relevant names.

Lachie Neale

He had the footy on a string in this game. Lachie Neale had 46 disposals, 26 contested possessions and 12 clearances. Rather than looking to shut him down, Port was happy to attempt to go head-to-head against the Lions star midfielder.

To be clear, Neale was excellent and displayed to all current owners just how good he can be with a score over 160 in all formats of the game. If you currently have him in your team, then he gave you 0 reasons to not select him.

However, games like this do two things. Firstly, they highlight how little defensive pressure sides place in the preseason games. Secondly, it sets a giant reminder to opposition teams around the importance of negating his influence around the contest.

Please read our full preseason take on him from the 50 Most Relevant Series here.

Hugh Mcluggage

If you were keen on taking a punt and selecting the human suitcase, then you felt only more confident after this match. In the first half, he played predominantly as an inside midfielder and then moved back to the wing in the second half.
Twenty-one touches, 11 contested possessions, six tackles and three goals is as good as preseason game potential owners could’ve hoped for.

Stefan Martin

Had it all his way for the majority of the game. Coming up against a Port ruck combination led by Peter Ladhams and Justin Westhoff meant it was a gentle start for the aging Ruck.

He’ll be relevant in draft formats, but his time in the sun as a salary cap relevant player is done.

Dayne Zorko

The skipper spent a majority of this game forward. Is this a sign of things to come? Or are the Brisbane coaching staff just giving some additional exposure and opportunity to their young cubs? I believe it’s more of the latter than the former.
Regardless, If I were a Zorko owner I’d be watching intently in the second Marsh Series match to see if this trend continues or not. Historically, Zorko has scored well in both a pure midfield and a split MID/FWD role. However, the more significant ceiling scores have come in the massive midfield games.

Brandon Starcevich

Beyond Matt Rowell, of all cash cows, I thought Brandon looked the most comfortable at the elite level. Looked good across the Lions backline and has increased his chance of a shot at the round one team.

Jarrod Berry

He’s one of my favourites to own, and I think in 2020 he could explode. He very relevant in draft formats as a potential bolter and wouldn’t be the craziest midfield selections. All that said, I didn’t see him attend one centre bounce. Part of that was due to him playing limited minutes. He only played 36 in this game. Monitor the midfield time in the second game to get the full picture.

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Dan Houston

He’s one of the most hyped players of the preseason, and all eyes were on whether Dan Houston would give the much-promised midfield role. For those that missed the game, the news is positive. Houston led the Power for centre bounce attendances and was clear with the ball both in traffic and with space.

Mitch Georgiades

Played only half of the game but looked solid across his first match for the Pear. Had two shots at goal and gave them another forward target to go too. Another reliable performance in the next Marsh Series should be enough to secure him a round one debut.

Travis Boak

Last year the former Port Adelaide skipper was among the top-scoring forwards of 2019. The loss of DPP had many in the community believing that Travis Boak would be irrelevant. However, 33 disposals and a strong midfield role would suggest that he’s going to be a handy pickup for those that select him in drafts.

As good as he is, I think he’s still a tier or two below the topline midfielders.

Last year the former Port Adelaide skipper was among the top-scoring forwards of 2019. The loss of DPP had many in the community, believing that Travis Boak would be irrelevant. However, 33 disposals and an active midfield role would suggest that he’s going to be a handy pickup for those that select him in drafts.

As good as he is, I think he’s still a tier or two below the topline midfielders.

Connor Rozee

A second-year player rarely elevates themselves to the premium scoring territory. The like of Nat Fyfe, Clayton Oliver and Jackson Macrae have done it, and to be honest, it wouldn’t shock me if Connor was able to do so.

Running through the midfield and across the ground, he was clean and dynamic, making opposition players look the second rate. From just over 50% game time he amassed 19 disposals, 12 contested possessions and eight tackles.

Peter Ladhams

With #1 ruckman Scott Lycett out, Ladhams led the Power ruckline. He battled bravely and showed he’s developing nicely for Port. That said, he’s mostly irrelevant if he’s role sharing. If an injury strikes and rules Lycett out, then the RUC/FWD could be a handy cheap R2/forward swingman.

Sam Powell-Pepper

You could see that Sam Powell-Pepper was playing for a spot in the side given his defensive efforts and intent across the game. When playing forward, he added some great ground ball pressure and showed he’d developed nicely in this part of his game.

As he got opportunities through the midfield, he added another more significant body and gave us glimpses of his stunning debut season.

Games like this have lifted his draft value, and if a coach was feeling brave and wanted a low ownership potential forward eligible breakout, then SPP could be that.

Brad Ebert

Had been talked about during the week from Ken Hinkley that he’d be moving back into the midfield group. Fantasy coaches were excited at this prospect given his history of scoring 90+ over numerous years. Sadly, Ebert spent the vast majority of the first half playing deep forward.

As the game went on he spent more time in the midfield with him attending 8 centre bouncers across the game.

It’s far from panic stations given Robbie Gray was absent in the game, but it’s safe to suggest current owners will be slightly nervous. And they are probably eyeing off Christian Petracca and Hugh Greenwood as quick as potential similar priced replacements.

Steven Motlop

To sum up the quality of the game, the output of Motlop is all you need to know. Twenty-two touches three goals and fantasy tons across the formats.

Yes, Steven Motlop has skills and class, but over the years we’ve seen that when the heat is on, generall he’s not.

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