Rids AFLFantasy Team Reveal | February Edition

Welcome to 2022 AFLFantasy coaches. As a special new year’s treat, I decided to share my current AFLFantasy team and tell you why I’ve picked every player. Enjoy!


Lloyd and Whitfield represent value at their price tags. Hewett found a new home and should see plenty of mid time esp now Walsh is out early. Sicily I view as a cheaper Jordan Ridley. Milera and Chesser at d5 and d6 opens options up in the other positions.


Steele is the go to captain option early days. Titch is Titch. I ended up going Parish over Macrae. I like the ceiling Parish has and hoping with a full preseason of being the main mid he has scope for improvement. Neale is a bargain and is apparently ripping up the track.

Nothing better than starting a potential 3rd year breakout and Serong smells just right to me. Crouch picks himself at his price tag and only need to be named rd 1 to start for me. All rookies are subject to change but I really enjoy cheering for the best of the best with the rooks.

JHF should score fwd status early in the season while Daicos may nab some def status with a bit of luck.


Grundy and Preuss to start r1 and r2 if named rd 1. Comben at r3 for the DPP flexibility if Preuss proves to be problematic.

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No Duncan with the calf and no Taranto with no Greene. I love watching Butters play so he will get a game for Ridley United. Heeney if he gets that midfield role is a no brainer. Dunkley is crazy value. Rayner and Curnow should be able to make some cash and be solid stepping stones.

Bailey Williams is my Preuss cover when the inevitable rest happens.