Round Table: Carlton

Today we turn our attention for our club-by-club discussion towards Carlton. Despite sitting at the lower end of the ladder for some time now, the Blues are still highly relevant in all forms of AFL fantasy platforms.

So, we gathered up a few members of the Panel and answering in isolation, pitched a few categories to see who we’re all keeping an eye on this preseason – a player to lock in now, an expected breakout contender, the best cash cow, an interesting left-field option, and a sneaky name to file away for a value draft pick.

These are the players on each Panelist’s watchlist right now:

The Lock:

Jimmy: If you believe that Nic Newman might increase his average to the ~90 point mark with a new role at a new home, then he is an immediate lock as an underpriced premium for his line. At this point I’m inclined to load up.

MJ: I normally don’t like paying top dollar for my rookies, but with Sam Walsh I’ll make an exception. He’ll play all 22 games if his body allows him and should start more as an outside midfielder. Great athelete and should score very well.

Rids: Patty Cripps (SC only) I will only go him in SC this year. The amount of carnage his body has already suffered means he is really one good knock away from a month plus out of the game. Contested ball beast that suits SC scoring. Needs to find more outside ball before I jump on in AF and DT again.

Tim: Kade Simpson has been a premium, consistent and durable, for many years.

Fox: Patrick Cripps in SuperCoach. 2018 he gave us 4 scores over 150 and 10 of his last 11 tons, unstoppable and untaggable, has the ability to take his game to another gear, you really need to start him.

The Breakout

Jimmy: Will Setterfield might just be the most relevant player in all formats this season.

MJ: He was getting plenty of preseason hype in 2018, but even though it’s early doesn’t seem to be getting the same amount of love in 2019. That said, I still think it’s only a matter of time before Charlie Curnow is one of the best forward options in fantasy footy let alone in the whole AFL.

Rids: Could be anyone out of Fisher, Curnow, Dow, Weitering. I will go Caleb Marchbank to average 75+ across all formats.

Tim: Paddy Dow. Hard to pick Carlton’s next breakout however this kid’s under 18 form was as good as any so would not surprise at all if it was him.

Fox: Hello Newman, one of my first picked after Doch left the building, endured a tough year learning to play utility/NEAFL under Horse at Sydney, expect a tidy return as the ball enters the Blues back line in record numbers in 2019, expect a 15 point plus increase.

The Cash Cow

MJ: The club has heavily invested in Liam Stocker and he should be rewarded with early games. Had no problems scoring at the junior level.

Jimmy: I’ll be watching Hugh Goddard this preseason. He won’t score 100’s every (any) week but if he looks like getting regular games then he could be a very handy D8 type. And of course keep an eye out for news on Michael Gibbons.

Rids: Sam Walsh will get big minutes in the best role during his first season. Premium price tag will scare many but reckon he will go 70+ and make some very quick dollars.

Tim: Will Setterfield. New club, more scoring opportunity?

Fox: Sam Walsh is already talked about as one of the best rookies this year with a complete game, don’t be unhappy paying his premium rookie price.

The Unique

Jimmy: For all the reasons we’re talking up players like Daniher & Lynch, I think Charlie Curnow needs to be in the conversation as well. The kid is an absolute beast and the new rules will only help him.

MJ: Last season Zac Fisher showed plenty of scoring promise especially early in the year. Another preseason under the belt wouldn’t surprise me if his average jumped up again.

Rids: Ed Curnow. This fella just keeps scoring. Cannot see why he will go back tagging now as the Blues try to learn how to score.

Tim: Matthew Kreuzer was a top ruck two years ago. If you think he plays 20+ games then he could be a great unique for you.

Fox: Matty Kruezer could be another answer to your R2 dilemma, went 110 SC points over 21 games in 2017 and presents at well under value in 2019

The Draft Smokey

Jimmy: He was underwhelming last year but I’ve still got a bit of time for Matt Kennedy and wouldn’t mind picking him up in the last round or two as deep speculative cover.

MJ: It feels odd to say it but it really could be a make or break season for Jacob Weitering. In his debut season he looked like he could be one of the great scoring SuperCoach defenders for many years. Here’s hoping it all clicks for him this year, you’d get him damn late in your draft.

Rids: Sam Walsh. I really rate this kid. As bench cover he will be fun to own. He may even pick up another position thru the season if ya lucky. Nothing wrong with drafting kids in a season draft.

Tim: Dale Thomas was a sensational free agent pickup in drafts last year as he was playing in defense. If he keeps that role he will be left later than he should be in pretty much all drafts.

Fox: Ed Curnow is a habitual, under the radar, low trust, kick the air out of his tyres type of guy, even when he goes 100, let’s do it all again Ed in 2019 with another 100 point average

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