Round Table: Gold Coast

The Suns have lost a lot of star power again over the off-season but have also recruited some handy types to rebuild the club. Is this the year that they start to turn things around? However it plays out, there is some serious value to be picked for our teams across all the formats.

So for each coach, we pitched a few categories to see who we’re all keeping an eye on this preseason – a player to lock in now, an expected breakout contender, the best cash cow, an interesting left-field option, and a sneaky name to file away for a value draft pick.

These are the Gold Coast players on each Panelist’s watchlist right now:

The Lock:

Jimmy: There is a lot of value available in every format this year but I really do think Anthony Miles represents the best of the lot at this stage of the preseason.

MJ: I’m all on the Anthony Miles train in 2019. Unlike many of our midprice options, he has no role or injury concerns and is desperate to prove he belongs at the elite level.

Rids: Brayden Fiorini. This kid finds the ball. All he needs to do is stay on the park. If he can build that tank to play 80% mid then he should go close to a 3 figure average.

Tim: Joshua Corbett. Highly touted VFL mature age pickup. We spoke about him here.

Fox: Anthony Miles. No longer will he be starved of what he does best, a ball winner, expecting 90+

The Breakout

Jimmy: I’ll nominate another ex-Tiger; I really wanted to see Corey Ellis make the cut at Richmond. He’s clearly a cut above VFL standard and with regular midfield minutes should develop nicely.

MJ: If he’s allowed to hunt the ball, and if his body behaves itself then I don’t see a world where Brayden Fiorini doesn’t pump out a ton average this year.

Rids: Anthony Miles – guy just needs an opportunity and he is guaranteed to get one at the Suns. Ball magnet that does not hurt the opposition by foot which means no tags ever! My type of fantasy footballer

Tim: Ben Ainsworth Again, hard to pick a particular breakout here as many options but no standouts. Feel Ainsworth could be it as expect him to breakout at some point, too classy not to.

Fox: Corey Ellis. Diehard Richmond supporters and GC recruiters can/will appreciate the skill Corey possesses, with a little AFL continuity in a bottom team he could/should easily average 70+ in the wing/halfback role and is priced at just 42

The Cash Cow

Jimmy: Josh Corbett is the obvious choice here. Load up.

MJ: Seeing as I included him in the 50 Most Relevant It has to be Josh Corbett. Everything that the kid has done in the preseason thus far has only further turned the key. Lock it in!

Rids: Plenty of options but I have landed on Izak Rankine. Kid is a super talent and should play every game pending fitness. Could play anywhere on the field. I really like owning super talented kids.

Tim: Joshua Corbett as mentioned above.

Fox: Izak Rankine arguably was the best pick in last years draft, played SANFL in style last year

The Unique

Jimmy: The Suns didn’t pay so much to get hold of Lachie Weller just because they were missing his brother. The kid has something special about him and will only get better.

MJ: All I need to see is Pearce Hanley get through these final weeks of preseason injury free, and if he gets a midfield role during the JLT Community series he’s every chance of making my side.

Rids: Jarrod Witts. I am not a fan of set and forget in 2019 so will be looking at a slightly cheaper ruck to then upgrade to the second premium when it becomes more clear. Witts fits this category nicely.

Tim: Jarrod Witts was very good last year, especially in SuperCoach.

Fox: Jack Bowes enters his third year, priced at 64 DT, should step up after the exodus

The Draft Smokey

Jimmy: Will Brodie may go undrafted in many leagues but I’ll be targetting him as a depth mid wherever I can.

MJ: After we announced last week that Jack Bowes would gain defensive status in UltimateFooty he becomes strong option who I believe is a safe 80+ average as he looks likely to move into the midfield unit more frequently.

Rids: Pearce Hanley. If he stays fit will average 85. That is very solid for a defender who might still be there with only a few rounds remaining of a draft.

Tim: Jarrod Harbrow Ended the year on quite a good run of form. Could continue?

Fox: Pearce Hanley could be a massive late draft steal, on the condition he gets his body right

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