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#15 Most Relevant | Rowan Marshall

Rowan Marshall’s ascent as an AFLFantasy and SuperCoach titan underscores his pivotal role in St Kilda’s lineup, marking him as a sought-after first-round pick in fantasy drafts. This article delves into Marshall’s potential, exploring his proven track record and the strategic value of a top-tier ruckman who can shape team composition.

#25 Most Relevant | Jack Steele

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Jack Steele stands out as a formidable presence in the AFL, renowned for his hard-nosed, relentless style of play that makes him a pivotal figure for his team. As a midfielder, Steele combines a unique blend of grit, endurance, and skill, making him one of the

#27 Most Relevant | Nasiah Waganeen-Milera

Step into the evolving world of St Kilda’s backline and discover how Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera is navigating the shifting tides, poised for a breakthrough in his third AFL season. Unravel the complexities of Saints team dynamics and personal growth that could catapult this young star into the fantasy football spotlight.

Practice Match Review: St Kilda Vs Essendon 

This was a crucial game for fantasy coaches. We had plenty of premiums and cash cows on show, and by the end of the game, a much clearer picture had been painted. Here’s my review of the St Kilda and Essendon practice match.

#12 Most Relevant | Rowan Marshall

Nobody has questioned the fantasy potential of Rowan Marshall. Since his breakout season in 2019, we’ve known about his potential to be one of the best-scoring rucks in fantasy football. However, with the retirement of Paddy Ryder, the need and the opportunity is for Marshall to elevate himself to fulfil his potential.

#27 Most Relevant | Jade Gresham

The preseason is the time to look at multiple strategies and possibilities. Jade Gresham might not be for everyone in the preseason, but he could be the perfect squad selection for those needing a stepping stone in the forward line.

#21 Most Relevant | Rowan Marshall

After sharing the ruck role in 2020, Rowan Marshall has gained one of the most helpful DPP’s in the game. Will you be starting the St Kilda star in your squad?

#31 Most Relevant | Jack Steele

In 2020 Jack Steele went from being a tagger to becoming one of the most versatile and complete midfielders in the AFL. With longer quarters, can we see his scoring go up yet another gear?