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#23 Most Relevant | Taylor Adams

Dive into the fantasy prospects of Taylor Adams as he transitions to the Sydney Swans, examining his value and potential role in your fantasy football structures.

#31 Most Relevant | Errol Gulden

Explore the multifaceted fantasy football potential of Sydney Swans’ midfielder Errol Gulden as we delve into the complexities of his role in a dynamic Sydney lineup and strategize around the team’s early bye week.

#49 Most Relevant | Callum Mills

We can get obsessed about the next ‘breakout in the preseason.’ Nothing inherently is wrong with that. But we should also be looking at those who’ve had significant regression that could present the same level of upside. It’s why Callum Mills is still a highly relevant fantasy football prospect in 2024 despite his injury.

Practice Match Review: Sydney Vs Carlton

All the talk in this match will be about one man, but the reality, there’s a plethora of takeaways that the fantasy community should be getting beyond Errol Gulden. From cows to premiums and everything in between, this match will be one of the most relevant from the weekend.

#20 Most Relevant | Callum Mills

There’s only a handful of players that, across all formats of fantasy footy, have averaged 110 or higher in the past two seasons; Callum Mills is one of them. Despite his high-scoring pedigree, his ownership is criminally low. The upside for brave coaches is he could create the separation you need to succeed in 2023.

#40 Most Relevant | Errol Gulden

Players rarely deliver a ton in their first game into the AFL, but Errol Gulden was able to do so. As he enters the mythical third-year breakout, could we see this Swan become the next big forward premium?

#48 Most Relevant | Chad Warner

With only thirty-five AFL games to his name, Chad Warner quickly emerged as one of the best young midfielders in the competition. Entering his fourth season, he looms likely to become one of the most fantasy-relevant players across the formats.

#7 Most Relevant | Jake Lloyd

For the first time in years, we saw a scoring regression from Jake Lloyd. But with the departure of Jordan Dawson do we see him back towards his average as a 110 defender?

#49 Most Relevant | Callum Mills

In 2021 Callum Mills was one of the breakout players in the backline. For those that picked him early in the season, he was a catalytic reason you probably had a good start. Unfortunately, he is available only through the midfield this season, but that could be a blessing in disguise for fantasy football coaches.