#13 Most Relevant | Adam Treloar

Ever since he joined the Magpies, he’s been one of the most reliable midfield premiums available. Everything looks set for that trend to continue for Adam Treloar and his owners. 


Name: Adam Treloar
Age: 26
Club: Collingwood Magpies
Position: Midfield

2019 Highest Score: 
152 Vs Richmond (AFLFantasy)
177 Vs Gold Coast (SuperCoach)

2019 Average: 

113.6 (AFLFantasy)
113.4 (SuperCoach)

SuperCoach Price: $615,800
AFLFantasy Price: 
AFLDreamTeam Price: 

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Adam Treloar is one of the most enjoyable players to own in fantasy and watch in AFL in general. Adam wins plenty of his own ball, he posses a great burst of speed away from stoppages, can get on the outside and link up and impacts the scoreboard.

Last year in the AFL he ranked first for total overall disposals, third for effective disposals, 4th in uncontested possessions, 12th clearances. Across the 2019 season, he averaged 32 possessions going at a 71% efficiency. It included six score involvements, six clearances, five tackles and four inside ’50s per game.

From his 22 AFL games year In AFLFantasy, he ended up averaging 113. That placed him third for overall points, ranked second for all midfielders and fourth for averages. Breaking down the numbers he posted 18 scores of 100 or more, scored over 120 in 10 games and only dropped below 90 in two.

In SuperCoach he ended the 2019 season ranked fifth for total points of all midfielders, ninth by averages and had an average of 113. That year posted 17 tons across the season, with seven over 120 and dipped his scoring below 83 in just one game.

It was a personal best season for him in all formats, and if you owned him at any point of the season, you would’ve been happy. However, between rounds 12-21 was when he was at his peak. Over these nine weeks, he toned up every single week.

While it was a career season for this talented Magpie, he’s been delivering strong scoring for years. He now has six consecutive seasons in all formats averaging 100 or more, and two of those years he averaged 110 or higher.

A player scoring ceiling is essential, and with Treloar that’s evident. In his past 56 games, he’s posted 41 AFLFantasy tons (73% of games) and 38 in SuperCoach (67%). However, his scoring basement is equally as important. Nobody likes paying the big dollars on a premium only to get a rollercoaster of scoring variation. With Adam, that doesn’t happen. He barely will give you a sub 80 score. Over the past three seasons 56 games in SuperCoach he’s had only six games (10%), and in AFLFantasy it’s four (7%).

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Adam Treloar is certainly known more as an AFLFantasy/DreamTeam midfield premium than SuperCoach. However, last year we saw the potential both in terms of scoring consistency and ceiling. In this format, though, many will still have questions.

The significant one being, can he elevate his game to average close to 120? In SuperCoach Patrick CrippsLachie NealePatrick DangerfieldNat Fyfe, and Jackson Macrae have shown recently the ability to average this or over. While this is a fair argument, he doesn’t have to do so to be relevant. Last year Adam was ranked fifth for midfielders for total points ahead of many of the names above. What he has in this format that those names don’t is a low ownership percentage. Not bad to get a top 5 total points scorer in less than 10% of teams.

In AFLFantasy you don’t have the luxury that DreamTeam and SuperCoach players do. In these formats, you get multiple chances to nail your skipper with the rolling lockout. However, in AFLFantasy, you can only ever try the ‘captaincy loophole’ during Thursday night games. In 2019 Collingwood have three, which is the second-most of any club. Two of these come in the opening four rounds. Many will be tempted to use Brodie Grundy and with good reason, but over these opening few rounds, Treloar looks a get unique vice-captain option.

In Round two the Pies play the Tigers and last year he scored 152 and 130 against the eventual premiers. While in round four they take on the Lions and last year he scored a 120 against them. Not bad VC scores if you can get near that again this year.

Adam Treloar ticks every box as a premium midfielder. Durable, high scoring ceiling, frequency of hundreds and a secure scoring basement. I have him locked firmly as a starting squad player in my AFLFantasy and DreamTeam sides. In SuperCoach, I can’t find room for him, but he is one I like as an upgrade target.


No matter your drafting format of choice, Adam Treloar is a good M1 selection. However, for those in SuperCoach formats, he will slide under the radar and will be someone you can select in the second round and maybe even third. Depending on your strategy this will allow you to either bolster your midfield deep or let you fill up other lines with your first 1-2 picks and still have a topline midfielder with him.

In AFLFantasy, I can see him going anywhere in drafts from an overall pick #4, right through to a mid-second-round selection.

Whoever ends up owning him after draft day will have one of the best midfielders going around.


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