Round Table: Fremantle

The Dockers haven’t had a great time of late in the AFL but a productive off-season saw them gain some much needed role players. Is this the season they turn things back around? It’ll be fascinating to see just much much of an impact the new-look lineup can make.

Either way, there is a case to argue that Fremantle could be very relevant for the various AFL Fantasy formats. So for each coach, we pitched a few categories to see who we’re all keeping an eye on this preseason – a player to lock in now, an expected breakout contender, the best cash cow, an interesting left-field option, and a sneaky name to file away for a value draft pick.

These are the Fremantle players on each Panelist’s watchlist right now:

The Lock:

Jimmy: It’d be easy enough to nominate Fyfe but I’ve also currently got Luke Ryan locked into my SC and can’t see him going anywhere.

MJ: It feels safe, vanilla and predictable but Nat Fyfe is one of the best AFL midfielders going around. With the acquisition of some key forwards over the trade window the need for him to play as a ‘tall forward’ is gone. Added to this and the departure of their #2 midfielder in Lachie Neale means I can’t see a world where Fyfe isn’t spending an increased midfield role. The only question mark is does he play 20+ games?

Rids: Nathan Fyfe – no Neale. Freo landed 2 fwds in the trade period. What does this mean? Fyfe is no longer needed fwd for large stints. More mid time = more pts!

Tim: Nat Fyfe The guy is almost unstoppable when fit and has been a Supercoach dynamo. Very likely misses some games as always but with Neale gone, Hogan and Lobb in and Fyfe typically seeing 40%+ ownership, it’ll be dangerous to leave him out.

Fox: Nat Fyfe. SC lock, 10-20 points underpriced, a serious captain option, 3 scores over 150 in 2018 seals the deal for me, has to be seriously considered in all formats.

The Breakout

Jimmy: Matt Taberner starting to show some serious signs of his potential last season, and I suspect he will now really enjoy playing as the third lead-up tall alongside Hogan and Lobb.

MJ: Last year it was a member of the Brayshaw family that was one of the best breakouts of the year and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the family tradition continues on with Andy Brayshaw having a stellar second season. Someone has to fill the void left by Neale, step up mini Gus!

Rids: Adam Cerra. This kid is a super talent. Reminds me so much of Pendlebury. Watch for his JLT role. He is fwd only for 2019 so one to monitor.

Tim: Adam Cerra. Brayshaw was the bigger ball winner in juniors but Cerra looked like class in 2018 and it’s unknown how Brayshaw comes back from his broken jaw.

Fox: Adam Cerra has only played the one year but looks all class, 21 games at 60 including 5 under 30 in DT, definitely gets more mid opportunity this year.

The Cash Cow

MJ: If he’s fit and named round one you can’t pass on Harley Bennell.

Jimmy: Can we trust Harley Bennell? If he can earn himself a round one berth, he becomes very hard to resist at a basement price.

Rids: Brett Bewley. This guy was drafted to play round 1. Just needs to stay on the park thru the off season.

Tim: Luke Valente. Ball winning draftee. Enough said!

Fox: Brett Bewey looks the type Ross Lyon is going to talk about in his pressers, went 25 disposals in the VFL and has running ability.

The Unique

Jimmy: Reece Conca. Ok, hear me out. Brought straight into the leadership group in a team needing midfield experience. Generally scored around 80ish most weeks as a part-time midfielder at Richmond and I wonder if he hasn’t yet seen the best of him yet.

MJ: I’m all in on Luke Ryan this year if he is allowed to maintain his role as a designated kick-in option. Last year he took over 40% of the sides kick-ins but rarely ever played on meaning just on this scoring column alone he should jump substantially. Already averaged 90 as a unique SuperCoach defender last year and I think he’s going 100+ this year.

Rids: Jesse Hogan needs to be monitored for 2 reasons. The new rules of 666 might mean Hogan could have more of a lead up role than in previous seasons. The second reason is mid time. Not sure he wont get rotated into the mids at Freo when required. If he does his output could easily be top 10 as a fwd.

Tim: David Mundy is listed as a forward and scores well every year.

Fox: Jessie Hogan had an inconsistent 2018, priced at 90, if he gets a run through the midfield and some consistency going he’s easily a 100 point plus forward.

The Draft Smokey

Jimmy: Brett Bewley. The Tim Kelly that Fremantle has when Fremantle can’t have Tim Kelly. Will be available towards the end of most drafts, so make sure to load up.

MJ: I’d be going the late draft handcuff on Aaron Sandilands and Sean Darcy. Both score well without the other playing and can certainly pump out a 80+ average safely if not more.

Rids: Connor Blakely might slide in a few drafts. He is def one to keep an eye on. No Docherty means that Blakely could easily be in the top few for defenders for 2019.

Tim: Luke Ryan. On the up as a composed, ball winning defender.

Fox: Andrew Brayshaw was pretty much eased into 2018, more minutes and some natural Brayshaw development will see that 66 point average increase significantly

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