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Team Reveals | Jimmy’s DreamTeam

Firstly – I had no intention to create a team this year, swearing it was draft only for me. And yet here we are. This was thrown together in the ten minutes before the bounce last night but I really like the overall look and feel of this team. It’s absolutely hit and giggle but will be a lot of fun which honestly is what this game is all about.

2020 Draft Rankings

Is your draft happening over this weekend? As a loyal Coaches Panel patreon member here are the rankings, I’ve created for the 2020 season.

Marsh Community Series Review | Cats Vs Bombers

This was a fun game with which to end the preseason. It was a low scoring arm-wrestle but highly entertaining with both clubs apparently giving it their all. Here are a few final notes to finish your preseason homework before the next podcast drops:

Marsh Community Series Review | Kangaroos Vs Swans

Both teams were missing their marquee big forwards in Brown and Franklin but despite that this was about as entertaining as a Sydney vs North game can get. There were some fascinating one on one contests across the ground and some interesting faces made some interesting cases for selection. Here’s what I noticed while nursing a post-shiva hangover:

Marsh Community Series Review | Demons Vs Hawks

Despite both teams rolling out something very very close to their best 22 and conditions being reasonable, skills were poor with turnovers aplenty and this was a hard game to watch. Despite that, there is still plenty we can take from this game across the fantasy formats. Here are my observations on a few key players:

Marsh Community Series Review | Crows Vs Demons

It was a scrappy affair with both clubs needing a good hit-out to shake off the rust. Skills were generally pretty average and both seemed to have a lot of trouble finding fluid ball movement coming out of the back half, but once Melbourne found their groove they ran away

Team Reveal: Jimmy

While I love drafts more than anything else I wanted to have a crack at SuperCoach and let you have a look at it

JLT Players of Interest: Carl vs Ess

Last night we sent Jimmy down to Ikon Park to get a good look at how the game unfolded. Here’s how nine players of interest performed in their first serious hitout for the year.