Round Table: Geelong

The Cats have delivered us a swathe of amazing Fantasy, DreamTeam & SuperCoach options over recent history and the trend appears set to continue with many relevant names again for season 2019.

So for each coach, we pitched a few categories to see who we’re all keeping an eye on this preseason – a player to lock in now, an expected breakout contender, the best cash cow, an interesting left-field option, and a sneaky name to file away for a value draft pick.

These are the Geelong players on each Panelist’s watchlist right now:

The Lock:

Jimmy: Gary Ablett in SuperCoach. As we spoke about with Fyfe the other day, any concerns about recurring injury means you either start him or don’t pick him at all for the year. He’s a walk-up start in SC and underpriced in that format.

MJ: Even without the addition of forward status Patrick Dangerfield loomed as another great option in 2019. Now, dare I say it, he’s a must-have.

Rids: Patrick Dangerfield. DPP means lock. N

Tim: Patrick Dangerfield. Fwd status, nuff said

Fox: Patrick Dangerfield with forward status added, hard to beat that for a lock.

The Breakout

Jimmy: Both Tom Stewart and Zac Tuohy already averaged a respectable 80 (AF/DT) to 85 (SC) last year but I expect both to nudge their averages towards premium territory with the new kick-in/play-on rule.

MJ: We saw glimpses of it from Brandan Parfitt last year, but I think he can go up another gear in 2019. Four tons from his 18 games last year and already the Geelong coaching staff have indicated a desire to give him even greater midfield role.

Rids: Nakia Cockatoo.  Needs to stay on the park though. Kid could be anything but is injured way too often.

Tim: Mark O’Connor. Cats seem to like him and Scarlett been talking him up as a part of their backline now. Will be cheap.

Fox: Tough to pick, 2nd year prospect Charlie Constable the young copper was close in 2018, expect him to play a few roles as he squeezes into that 22 early this year.

The Cash Cow

Jimmy: It’s easy to forget how highly the industry rated Charlie Constable at this time last year. Has another preseason under the belt and while games won’t come easy, he should get ample opportunity at some stage.

MJ: Last year was the ruck merry go round with the Cats using multiple options including Zac Smith, Rhys Stanley and Ryan Abbott. They drafted Darcy Fort with pick #65 and if given the opportunity could be a great R3 for us.

Rids: Nathan Kreuger. Constable is the obvious guy here but no idea where he fits in. Cats chased Kreuger hard so would assume it was to be play senior footy in a specific role. JLT watchlist.

Tim: Mark O’Connor as per above

Fox: Charlie Constable again, will be out on the beat in 2019

The Unique

Jimmy: Mitch Duncan has had two very good seasons in the shadows of bigger named stars. His endurance will only become a bigger asset under the new rule structures and surely goes 100+ again.

MJ: Nobody is talking about Tom Hawkins this preseason, and especially in SuperCoach I don’t see why you couldn’t go there. Coming off a career-best 101 average and 8 of his last 13 games were tons. The new 6-6-6 centre bounce rules along with forwards able to use hands in the back in marking contests only aid his cause.

Rids: Sam Menegola. Can you select 2 Geelong fwds? How about 3? Will be interesting to see how many teams line up with Danger, Menegola and/or Kelly/Dahlhaus round 23.

Tim: Joel Selwood is solid every year, especially in Supercoach.

Fox: Tim Kelly surprised us all in 2018, adjusted remarkably well to AFL, every chance to build on that before likely heading home in 2020

The Draft Smokey

Jimmy: Somehow Tom Hawkins still carries a poor reputation in fantasy/draft circles despite regularly putting up big scores and always slides further than he should. Load up when the opportunity presents and ride the rollercoaster. He should be good fun under the new rules.

MJ: A vital member of the Geelong backline for the past few seasons and one of the regulars to bring the ball back into play is Zach Tuohy who should gain a little scoring bump with the new rules.

Rids: Luke Dahlhaus will slide big time. Might be just what was required however. A new start at a new club. Should be able to fit into most roles the club will need him for. Not a bad punt to go 90 again.

Tim: Tom Stewart. An excellent pickup in draft and keeper leagues last year. Not a sexy pick but just got the job done almost every week and had some monster scoring patches at Kardinia Park along the way.

Fox: Gary Ablett, is this his last year, how many games will his body survive, surely picks up forward status at some stage, if he’s on the field he will score anywhere, an interesting one to gauge.

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