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MiniMonk’s AFLFantasy Team Reveal: 3 Months Before Lockout

The preseason has barely just begun yet AFL Fantasy have us, but not our families, a favour. The release of the format for the 2024 season has thrown not just one but many cats amongst the pigeons, with early bye rounds, best 18’s, and potentially huge price changes all in consideration for the early part of the season. With that said, it is important to balance selections for players, particularly premiums, who don’t have the early bye.

AFLFantasy | Possible DPP Additions | Round 6

Before round 6, 12 and 18, the gang at AFLFantasy team up with Champion Data to add some new DPP into the game. After round 5, the first list of names and positions will be released. Historically, AFLFantasy has said that players need a minimum of 35% to be considered for a new allocation in a new position. So let’s see which players are locks, close or no chance of getting DPP.

Take On The Panel | Head To Head League Codes

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the Coaches Panel in DreamTeam, SuperCoach or AFL Fantasy? Below are the league codes where you can take on the panel members in a head to head combat.

MJ’s Opening Day AFLFantasy Team Reveal

So just hours ago, AFLFantasy surprised the fantasy world by launching in full for the 2021season. Meaning, you can start to build your side and start commencing league challenges. We asked MJ to give us a sneak peek into his initial first side, and this is what he gave us.

Navigating The Festival of Football

It all begins tonight, 33 games over the next 20 days! As an AFL fan, it’s a thing of beauty. As a coach of fantasy football teams, it’s layered with potential chaos. To help you through the next few rounds, we asked the members of The Coaches Panel to share with you some essential tips to get you through the next rounds.