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Practice Match Review: GWS Giants Vs Gold Coast

The Giants and the Suns kicked off the last day of practice matches for us. In a relatively high-scoring affair, the Giants took their foot off the gas in the second half and cruised comfortably towards round 1.

#18 Most Relevant | Stephen Coniglio

Rarely can a premium still be seen with significant value built into it’s price. Stephen Coniglio has that potential in 2023. But, as good as he has been, and can be, is Cogs the perfect player to start within our teams? Or should we be watching what happens under a new coaching regime?

#33 Most Relevant | Tom Green

Sometimes all a player needs to become a premium fantasy scorer is an opportunity. In the case of Tom Green, several vacancies with the Giants midfield opportunities have been created, and at the Coaches Panel, we believe he’s ready to maximise it.

#8 Most Relevant | Stephen Coniglio

It was another challenging season for GWS Giants skipper Stephen Coniglio. He battled through injuries but ended the season with his lowest game tally. But, entering into 2022, he’s fit, firing, and with recently added MID/FWD DPP, he;’s primed to be one of the best selections for coaches in 2022.

#9 Most Relevant | Braydon Preuss

For years, Braydon Preuss was the understudy ruck. Now at GWS, nobody stands in his way. The big question fantasy footy coaches want to know, is what will he average in 2022?

#11 Most Relevant | Tim Taranto

One of the most notable new additions was Tim Taranto into the forward line when champion data announced the new positions. He was seen as someone you had to own from day one. Now the conversation is evolving. Is he still the must start player we all expected?

#13 Most Relevant | Lachie Whitfield

For the past few seasons, Lachie Whitfield has displayed some of the best fantasy football ceilings of anyone to play. Entering into 2022, he’s got some question marks surrounding his durability, but at his price point, does the potential reward outweigh any possible risk?