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#40 Most Relevant | Touk Miller

In this deep dive into Touk Miller’s fantasy football prospects for the upcoming season, we explore the impact of the Gold Coast Suns’ new playing style under coach Damien Hardwick and how it might influence Miller’s scoring potential. With a focus on Miller’s past performance, the Suns’ early fixtures, and strategic considerations for navigating early byes, we unravel whether Miller is a must-have for your fantasy team or a player to watch as the season unfolds.

What to do with Touk Miller?

Monday afternoon, the bad news hit. Touk Miller will miss significant amounts of the 2023 season scans that revealed a lateral meniscus tear in his left knee. The result is a forced trade for owners, but which player comes into their side? First, let’s take a look at some of the best prospects.

In The Mix For Pick One | Keeper League

As we enter a new AFL season, existing keeper league coaches are entrenched in list management decisions. The trade decisions and delisting discussions have kept coaches busy over the summer. However, some keeper leagues are a brand new and exciting format of fantasy footy, and coaches have some significant decisions with the coveted first pick in the draft. Do they draft who’s dominating now? Invest in some potential future stars? Or somewhere in between? Drafting philosophies of keepers is something we’ll unpack over the preseason. But for now, here are the players I believe are in the mix for the number one pick for a brand new keeper league.

#9 Most Relevant | Touk Miller

Over the past two seasons, Touk Miller has been among the top points-scoring players across AFLFantasy/DreamTeam & SuperCoach. Does he continue on this stretch of scoring where he’s among the best options available? Or does the next generation of Suns start to impact his ceiling?

#15 Most Relevant | Touk Miller

The emergence of Touk Miller from fantasy football premium to the uber elite in 2021 was something nobody predicted. Instead, the future Suns skipper was simply sublime. Although many may doubt the ability to back up the scoring, the signs are ominous if you want to beat against him.

Keeper League Ranks | Tier Two | Patreon Exclusive

They are among some of the best fantasy players in the game. You should have no shocks from this point on in MJ and Kane’s keeper league rankings. The time is now for you to jump into reading who makes tier #2.

SuperCoach Season Wrap | 2021

With the Supercoach season complete what better time than now to do a review. After all, the clubs are doing their performance reviews this week (some better than others by the sounds) so why wouldn’t we serious coaches do the same!

2021 Season Defining Moves | Patreon Only

Whether it’s an overall ranking or league focus, achieving success in fantasy footy requires so many elements to work. One of the keys is trading in the right player at the right time. So here’s a look back at the moves that using hindsight was the season defining moves of 2021.

Ultimate Footy | Draft Day Wins

You rarely will ‘win the draft’ in the opening handful of rounds. Rather, it’s the mid to late draft day selections that can really take your team from good to great. So here’s a look at some of the late draft day selections that have been winning selections for their owners.