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#6 Most Relevant | Tim English

WHY IS HE RELEVANT? Tim English has quickly ascended as one of the AFL’s most promising ruckmen, showcasing a unique blend of athleticism and skill that sets him apart. Standing at an imposing height, English combines his natural ruck work with exceptional ground play, making him a versatile threat both

#9 Most Relevant | Jackson Macrae

Jackson Macrae has been a staple in our SuperCoach & AFLFantasy sides for over a decade. While 2023 was a topsy-turvy season both in scoring & role consistency, he enters into 2024 with DPP and the potential of being the top forward in the game.

#11 Most Relevant | Marcus Bontempelli

It finally all clicked for Marcus Bontempelli in 2023! After years of good seasons, he finally broke the glass ceiling and became the best midfielder in SuperCoach & AFLFantasy. Can he break the trend and prevent scoring regression to back it up for 2024?

Practice Match Review: Western Bulldogs Vs North Melbourne 

One of the most relevant games of the weekend was the Western Bulldogs and North Melbourne. Have we finally solved our ruckline dilemma? And have some players that we’ve locked away all preseason created cause for concern. Check out my review of the match. Embed from Getty Images Jackson Macrae

#2 Most Relevant | Jackson Macrae

For nearly a decade, Jackson Macrae has been a staple in our SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam sides. For many, he’s ripe for the picking again in 2023, while some look past him in favour of other options. But whatever the outcome, Macrae is set to be one of the most relevant players for fantasy AFL this season.

#8 Most Relevant | Tim English

What happens in the ruck division this year determines our season’s success. Is Tim English the key to unlocking your ruck structure?

#21 Most Relevant | Toby McLean

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about Toby McLean and used the phrase ‘fantasy relevant.’ But after a strong score in his one game in the AFL finals, plus favourable pricing across the formats, he’s become a staple in plenty of preseason structures.

#25 Most Relevant | Marcus Bontempelli

In 2015 Marcus Bontempelli achieved a rarely-seen feat of becoming a fantasy premium in just his second season of AFL. Since then, ‘Bont’ has been a premium midfielder and a staple of our fantasy sides. As he enters 2023, is it business as usual? Or will we see something change?

#42 Most Relevant | Bailey Smith

Bailey Smith started the 2022 season on fire; he became one of the most popular and in demand players. Entering 2023, I have barely seen anyone mention him, let alone plan to start with him. His low potential ownership could be a gold mine for coaches willing to jump on.