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#21 Most Relevant | Zach Merrett

Zach Merrett’s blend of consistency and elite performance cements his status as a top fantasy football option, navigating the strategic depths of selecting a midfield maestro amid the early rounds’ quest for scoring diversity.

What to do with Clayton Oliver?

Sunday evening, the Herald Sun confirmed what had, until that point, been a rumour. The newspaper reported that Clayton Oliver had suffered a hamstring injury and could miss up to four weeks of football. As a result, the fantasy community now has one of the best scorers of the season unavailable and teams are left pondering what to do with Clayton Oliver? 

Trade Priorities | Round 10

We’re a fortnight away from the commencement of the bye rounds, so let’s look at some of the trade priorities as we head into another round of fantasy football.

Ten premiums in AFLFantasy with low ownership

Every preseason it happens in AFLFantasy. Certain premiums get all the love from the community, while others fade into the distance. Here are ten premiums in AFLFantasy with low ownership that have the potential to be among the best in their eligible lines.

#32 Most Relevant | Zach Merrett

Zach Merrett has been a staple premium in our midfield for over half a decade. As we enter another season, does the trend continue, or will we start to see his scoring decline?

Ten Moves That Made The Season

There are so many variables that go into making a successful fantasy football season. A good starting squad certainly contributes, but at the end of the day, ‘success’ comes from making the right trades at the right time. So retrospectively, MJ looks back at the 2022 season and the moves that could have made the difference this season.

Upgrade Targets After Their Bye | Round 12

One week of the multi bye rounds is over. We now have six teams that have no more scheduled rests for the remainder of the season. Here’s a club by club breakdown of potential upgrade targets who have had their bye round.

AAMI Community Series Review | Essendon Vs St Kilda

Intro Zach Merrett He played just half of the match against the Saints and had the ball on a string. Floated between halfback and midfield and gave coaches that were already hot for owning him all the confidence in the world they needed. Jye Caldwell Jye’s one of the forgotten

#23 Most Relevant | Zach Merrett

Since 2016 Zach Merrett has been a durable and reliable premium across all game formats. After delivering his career-high scores last season, coaches should have some optimism that the 110+ averages should continue for more years to come.

Keeper League Ranks | Tier Two | Patreon Exclusive

They are among some of the best fantasy players in the game. You should have no shocks from this point on in MJ and Kane’s keeper league rankings. The time is now for you to jump into reading who makes tier #2.