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Is this the starting squad of the eventual winner of AFLFantasy? Check out Tim’s starting squad here.

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I’ve just felt all preseason that Lloyd will drop back a few points so will leave him as an upgrade target. A few mid pricers here and with money in the bank the plan is (after 1-2 rounds) to flip one of them for the next best back rookie I missed and put another one up to Zac Williams.

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Taranto & Walsh seem too good value to ignore and Merrett looks ready to roll as normal. That aside there are more forwards than mids that I want in my starting squad so I’ve borrowed some mid slots to plug them into to start with. And the last slot could still go to Sloane but leaning to Rowell for now as he’ll just be more fun to own I reckon.


The three amigos are too hard to resist so they’re all in (Flynn, Hunter & Meek), one in the utility slot, and R1 was a toss up between Gawn & Grundy. Darcy Cameron has been in the Pies’ ‘B’ team the past few weeks in training but since the ‘A’ team only has 18 in it there’s still four slots open and last year’s finals series just has me too worried that Bucks will plug him in alongside Grundy again sometimes (against NicNat in the finals I understood but if anyone can explain to me why Bucks thought Grundy needed Cameron’s help the next week against Rhys Stanley I’m all ears). So Gawn it is.

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Danger & Dunkley for me are locked on to be at the top of the tree here and so I really want them in now. Phillips and De Goey and, apparently (borne out by centre bounce attendance numbers through the pre season), even Dow have the midfield roles (and value) to warrant starting too, as does Caldwell (in my midfield for now).

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