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DreamTeam Team Reveal | Jordox

I’ve squeezed every penny so if teams aren’t kind, I will need to make some structural adjustments and therefore personnel could be drastically changed! But as of right now, this is how I’m hoping to start what is going to be the strangest and most unpredictable season of Dream Team anyone has ever seen.

Take On The Panel | AFL DreamTeam

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the Coaches Panel in DreamTeam?
Below are the league codes where you can take on members of the panel in a head to head combat.

What is the 50 Most Relevant?

And so it begins! Another fantasy football preseason filled with optimism, hope and the possibilities that in 2019 maybe this year will be your year for fantasy success.

Breakeven: Round Two

Buy low, Sell high! It’s the age-old motto to succeed in Fantasy football of all formats. Every week we discuss the players with the lowest and the highest breakevens.

Vital Deadlines

This article is your one-stop shop of the last-minute lockout and key dates leading into the first round of AFL. Please note, All times are in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Team Reveal: Rainman

A very different world this year in DT with the introduction of the rolling lockout as well as the new rules that have been talked about extensively. We particularly need to keep rolling lockout in mind and cognisant of that, I have made sure that my side has sufficient DPP

Take Me On: AFLDreamTeam

It’s Christmas Day for those who play DreamTeam with the game opening at late last night. Today is now spent making numerous changes and getting your friend and office leagues set up for another season. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat someone from The Coaches Panel?