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#2 Most Relevant | Brodie Grundy

Discover how Brodie Grundy’s move to the Sydney Swans could reignite his fantasy football scoring, making him a key player to own in AFLFantasy and SuperCoach.

#24 Most Relevant | Brodie Grundy

In the offseason, Collingwood forced the hand of Brodie Grundy to move to another football club. As he lands at Melbourne, fantasy coaches wonder how well our favourite ‘set & forget’ ruck duo co-exist in a real-life football team.

Trade Targets for Brodie Grundy

Tuesday afternoon, it was the news a significant portion of the fantasy football community didn’t want to hear. Collingwood star Brodie Grundy has injured his knee and will likely not be seen for the next few months. So regardless of the fantasy football format, he is now a forced trade. Let’s look at some of the best potential trade targets in SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam for Brodie Grundy.

#3 Most Relevant | Brodie Grundy

For years Brodie Grundy has been our first picked player. However, after a slow finish to the season, it has fantasy coaches wondering. Is he a value for money guy, or will others surpass him as a top 2 ruck?

Keeper League Ranks | Tier Two | Patreon Exclusive

They are among some of the best fantasy players in the game. You should have no shocks from this point on in MJ and Kane’s keeper league rankings. The time is now for you to jump into reading who makes tier #2.

SuperCoach Season Wrap | 2021

With the Supercoach season complete what better time than now to do a review. After all, the clubs are doing their performance reviews this week (some better than others by the sounds) so why wouldn’t we serious coaches do the same!

Upgrade Targets After Their Bye | Round 14

The multi bye rounds are over. We now have an additional eight teams with no more scheduled rests for the remainder of the season. So here’s a club by club breakdown of potential upgrade targets who have just had their bye round.

What To Do With Brodie Grundy?

It happens almost every year! After months of careful planning and execution, an unforeseen issue arises on the eve of the multi bye rounds that causes mass chaos for teams. In 2021, it’s the 2–3 week neck injury surrounding Brodie Grundy. The question owners are pondering across the week is what to do with Brodie Grundy?

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 10

It’s not often a player scores over 200 so when one does we watch in awe and ride the wave. A big congratulations to those 31.8% of coaches who have him in their team, and even more so if you had him as captain or played the VC loophole. As it happens, the last time we saw a score of 200+ was round 10 last year. It also happened to be Clayton Oliver. And it also happened to be against Adelaide. We all know what to lock in for next year!

Ripe For The Picking | Round 5

One thing that separates good coaches from great coaches is that they aren’t just looking at trades for this week. Rather great coaches are looking multiple weeks ahead to be ready to be traded into their teams. In this new series, we look at players who this week and the following two weeks will have likely bottomed out in price and could be a tasty trade target for your side. Each week we’ll focus on the players in DreamTeam, AFLFantasy and SuperCoach you should be forecasting to bring into your side because they are ripe for the picking.