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AAMI Community Series Review | Bulldogs Vs Demons

If you believe in changing your team mid AAMI community series, then this clash would’ve given your fantasy footy apps a workout. With premiums delivering big numbers, we got alot to take away from the Bulldogs and Demons game.

Patreon Exclusive | MJ’s Keeper League MVP’s

This isn’t a list of the top 10′ or the best keeper league players. Rather it’s a combination of players that I believe are the most valuable keeper league options. Here are my keeper league MVPs.

#15 Most Relevant | Josh Dunkley

During the trade period, Josh Dunkley attempted to move to Essendon to play more through the midfield. However, after staying at the Bulldogs could this son of a gun still get his wish?

What Do I Do with Josh Dunkley?

Last night news broke that Josh Dunkley will miss the next few weeks with a foot injury. With the club confirming it is at least six weeks the decision to trade has been made for fantasy coaches, the question is who does Dunks become?

Marsh Community Series Review | Power Vs Bulldogs

What’s interesting is that basically this was both teams’ best 22’s. The only players missing are all due to injury, so if you had your eye on someone and they didn’t play in this game and weren’t injured, it doesn’t bode well for them.

#31 Most Relevant | Josh Dunkley

Over the final few months of the season, not many midfielders could match the scoring of Josh Dunkley. Does he retain this midfield role in 2020?

#31 Most Relevant: Josh Dunkley

He flew home as one of the most inform scoring forwards in fantasy footy last year, is scoring like that a sign of the future or a lucky scoring run? PLAYER PROFILE Name: Josh DunkleyAge: 22Club: Western BulldogsPosition: Midfield/Forward 2018 Highest Score: 132 Vs Carlton (AFLFantasy)157 Vs Carlton (SuperCoach)2018 Average: 95.7 (AFLFantasy)95.1 (SuperCoach) SuperCoach Price: $516,300AFLFantasy Price: