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#4 Most Relevant | Rory Laird

Discover why Rory Laird’s unparalleled consistency, strategic Round 15 bye advantage, and resilience amidst Adelaide’s evolution make him an indispensable top-tier midfield choice in SuperCoach & AFLFantasy for 2024.

What to do with Clayton Oliver?

Sunday evening, the Herald Sun confirmed what had, until that point, been a rumour. The newspaper reported that Clayton Oliver had suffered a hamstring injury and could miss up to four weeks of football. As a result, the fantasy community now has one of the best scorers of the season unavailable and teams are left pondering what to do with Clayton Oliver? 

Trade Priorities | Round 10

We’re a fortnight away from the commencement of the bye rounds, so let’s look at some of the trade priorities as we head into another round of fantasy football.

What Should I do with Rory Laird?

One of the most talked about players of the preseason was Rory Laird. The Adelaide Crow was the most expensive player in SuperCoach, AFLFantasy & DreamTeam. However, after one of his lowest career scores, the fantasy community is asking, what should I do with Rory Laird?

#11 Most Relevant | Rory Laird

A single player can rarely define the success of a fantasy football season. But if you owned or didn’t own Rory Laird in 2022, then it’s safe to say he was a difference-maker in the outcome of your season. Will he be that again in 2023?

Ten Moves That Made The Season

There are so many variables that go into making a successful fantasy football season. A good starting squad certainly contributes, but at the end of the day, ‘success’ comes from making the right trades at the right time. So retrospectively, MJ looks back at the 2022 season and the moves that could have made the difference this season.

#47 Most Relevant | Rory Laird

In 2021 Rory Laird was the best defender of the season. Entering into a new year, he may have lost his defensive status, but his scoring power shows no signs of disappearing. As a result, ‘The Desk’ could be one of the best low ownership stars of 2022.

Possible 2022 Fantasy Footy Position Changes

With the AFL draft completed the fantasy, community starts to turn it’s attention to the coming season. For AFLFantasy, SuperCoach & DreamTeam players, it’s the final step before the 2022 positions get revealed from Champion Data. Before the official announcement drops in the next few days, I thought I’d share some possible 2022 Fantasy Footy position changes.

SuperCoach Season Wrap | 2021

With the Supercoach season complete what better time than now to do a review. After all, the clubs are doing their performance reviews this week (some better than others by the sounds) so why wouldn’t we serious coaches do the same!