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SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 21

pop up as we headed toward the end of the home and away rounds. For Victoria it was being plunged back into a strict lockdown after a week of easing and good numbers, in Supercoach it began with Josh Kelly being a late out, a significant injury to Patrick Dangerfield, and then what looks like a suspension for Toby Greene. What a good way to start the weekend. Hmm. 

SuperCoach Weekend Wrap | Round 13

What a fascinating round of football we had this weekend. Some winners, some losers, and some just straddling the fence unsure about it all. Of course, the big winner was Neale Daniher and his team raising much needed funds for motor-neurone disease. What a great cause and such an inspiration to see. Puts the weekly ups and downs of being a fantasy sports coach in perspective, don’t you think?

SuperCoach | Weekend Wrap | Round 4

Midweek there was no inclination about what was to unfold across this weekend. Sure, the weather reports were telling us it’d be the coldest day of the year but no one warned us it would affect so many players this weekend.

Supercoach Weekend Wrap | Round One

Round one reminds me of what a cruel mistress fantasy footy is for those of us who take it more seriously than we should. How good is it to be back!