Salary Cap Strategy

#17 Most Relevant | Patrick Dangerfield

The loss of DPP will mean he’s in substantially fewer teams this year than last. However, the departure of Tim Kelly could be the reason he needs to be in your team.

#20 Most Relevant | Mitch Hibberd

Mitch Hibberd has already spent time in the AFL system. In a new club and a midfield role available could he be one of the best cash cows of the season?

#21 Most Relevant | Jack Steven

2019 was a rough season personally for Jack Steven. Can a new home and potentially a new role refresh this former St Kilda star?

#22 Most Relevant | Zach Merrett

Over the past four seasons, Zach Merrett has been among one of the most beloved and popular premiums. Will this trend continue into 2020?