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Practice Match Review: Fremantle Vs Port Adelaide

Fremantle and Port Adelaide battled it out at Fremantle Oval on Thursday night in conditions which had sunshine, rain, and the Fremantle Doctor pumping out some serious wind. As always, these factors need to be considered when trying to draw conclusions from players scores.

#14 Most Relevant | Andrew Brayshaw

The breakout to the elite scoring tier for Andrew Brayshaw was always a question of when not if. And in 2022, he answered it for us. Now at 23 and stepping into his prime, Brayshaw is primed to deliver yet another strong fantasy AFL season.

#23 Most Relevant | Nat Fyfe

For years Nat Fyfe has been one of the best players in the AFL. Lately, his body has dominated the headlines more than his football. As we enter the 2023 fantasy football season, the gang at Champion Data has given us a potential gift. They’ve awarded Fyfe DPP. As a MID/FWD, he could be one of the best starting squad options.

#34 Most Relevant | Caleb Serong

Since he walked into the AFL, the fantasy community has been waiting for the premium season of Caleb Serong. He’s shown as glimpses over the past few seasons, is 2023 the year he puts it all together?

#35 Most Relevant | Hayden Young

It’s only a matter of time before Hayden Young becomes one of the most damaging defenders in the AFL. Is 2023 the year we see Hayden as a top-tier fantasy defender? He’s incredibly relevant for the coming year and will be for many more seasons. 

#19 Most Relevant | Sean Darcy

In 2021 we saw the emergence of plenty of new top-end premiums. One of the most surprising was the season of Fremantle ruck Sean Darcy. After overcoming his poor injury history, is the Dockers destroyer ready to take his game up to even stronger scoring levels?

#28 Most Relevant | Andrew Brayshaw

The fantasy football pedigree of Andrew Brayshaw is evident as he’s already broken out as a premium midfielder. The question now is can he elevate his abilities to the next tier of uber midfielders?