Preseason 2020

SuperCoach Player of the Decade | Adelaide Crows

During ‘iso life’ many fantasy footy sites (ours included) have gone into hiding. However, to pass the time we’ve decided to look at who I believe has been the best SuperCoach performer from each AFL club over the past ten years.

SuperCoach Team Reveal | Rainman

In the past 24 hours, my side has undergone some serious surgery. With just hours until round one commences this is what my SuperCoach side will look like.

DreamTeam Team Reveal | Jordox

I’ve squeezed every penny so if teams aren’t kind, I will need to make some structural adjustments and therefore personnel could be drastically changed! But as of right now, this is how I’m hoping to start what is going to be the strangest and most unpredictable season of Dream Team anyone has ever seen.

AFLFantasy Team Reveal | MJ

With Hours to go until the opening round of AFL gets underway, I’ve decided to share with you my current AFLFantasy side.

2020 Draft Rankings

Is your draft happening over this weekend? As a loyal Coaches Panel patreon member here are the rankings, I’ve created for the 2020 season.

The Ultimate Mock Draft

Over the weekend members of The Coaches Panel and some fantasy, footy community friends got together to participate in a mock draft. This wasn’t like any other mock. Rather it came with a twist. Instead of letting coaches draft ‘whoever’ they wanted, they were forced to pick with a tactic in mind.

Delete Your Team And Start Again

Clear the decks, don’t save any remnant of it, do whatever you can and delete the team from existence. I know it feels like you’ve struck upon fantasy utopia and eliminating the team now will undo months of hard work. Now is the time to delete your team and start again.